Akorn wins fierce battle at Red Bull BC One NZ Cypher in Auckland

 Aron Mahuika, aka ‘Akorn’ won the Red Bull BC One NZ Cypher in Auckland last night battling it out in front of hundreds of passionate B-Boy fans. The atmosphere at Zeal West was electric in the final battle showdown between Akorn and Grubb-D, last year’s Red Bull BC One NZ Cypher champion; even the judges couldn’t decide the winner and a sudden death round had to be called before Akorn eventually took the title.

 Judge Khymer praised the calibre of B-Boying and the incredible new moves of those competing. “It was a very tough call, but Akorn won the battle with his consistent execution, originality and hunger in the heart”.

Born and raised in Christchurch, Aron Mahuika, 22, goes on to represent New Zealand as one of 16 competitors at this year’s Asia Pacific qualifying round to be held in September. He’ll be joined by the Wellington winner of the Red Bull BC One NZ Cypher which will be battled out in the capital city on Saturday My 26.



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