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Formed in mid 2011, Albion Place had a quiet first year. However they have begun to look lively by recording singles and booking gigs in early 2012. The band gets its name from the small street that the four busked on, and first started playing together. So far, they have recorded a 5 track EP which is set for release very, very, very soon. And with Rockquest 2012 around the corner, who knows what is on the horizon??

The band is unique because of their versatility. They are able to blast out the pop singles such as “Jenny” with vocals comparable to bands such as The Kooks as well as utilising the and unique and extremely talented voice of Levine Lale in the softer tracks such as “Tide Lines.” Most band members could pick up any band instrument and play it comfortably, and they regularly do this when playing live and recording alike, which keeps the sound fresh, with no two songs sounding the same. The singing versatility is what separates Albion Place from other bands, as it keeps the listener’s interest past the first track, but still keeps their songs commercially relevant.



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