JOB-In-Space-1 To Infinity And Beyond With JOB In Space (© Clemens Wirth | JOB 2012)

JOB In Space isn't just any freeski film, a lot of love, passion and technical know-how went into making the first in this ongoing series. And we've got the pictures to prove it...  

"Action sports movies from a completely new angle." That's how The Distillery, the production house behind the first Junkies On a Budget film JOB In Space, describe their brand-new approach to freeski movies.

"The purpose is to root out Europe‘s five most talented filmmakers and give them a once in a lifetime opportunity to make their wildest visions come alive, they say. "Our job is to implement these five visionary ideas into a next-level movie experience complete with a compelling plot, innovative filming and editing techniques… And banger action shots!"

nullA Hard Day In The Office (© Mo Garhammer / JOB 2012)

Those 'banger action shots' come to fruition after a lot of hard work. Not least finding the perfect filming spot high atop a mountain.

nullReady For My Close-Up (© Lars Scharl / JOB 2012)

Rarely for a film series of this type, a sense of narrative and plot is thrown into the action-sports mix. This means that you get some story in amongst all the killer moves.

nullSetting Up A Shot On The Wire (© / JOB 2012)

Innovation is the name of the game when it comes to setting up the shots. From strapping a camerman to a pulley system (above) to investing in specialist next-gen equipment (below), nothing is beyond the realm of possibility with Junkies On a Budget.

nullSome advanced technical equipment handled with care (© Louis Garnier / JOB 2012)
nullWhat The Hard Work Was All For (© / JOB 2012)

All the hard work setting up the shot is paid off when incredible shots like this are achieved.

nullGetting ready to fly - with some excess baggage in tow (© / JOB 2012)

Not only is JOB a technical and sporting achievement, but it's strategically impressive too as the filmmakers had to figure out how to get skis, cameras and other film-making equipment to unreachable places.

nullThe Best View Of The Sunset (© / JOB 2012)
nullSetting Up The Perfect Shot (© / JOB 2012)

Time and patience are well spent when your intention is to capture the perfect shot.

nullPoetry In Motion (© Louis Garnier / JOB 2012)

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