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We are Dirt Box Charlie. What started out as a Tuesday night jam session at the Salvation Army Hall in Palmerston North (NZ), soon evolved into a unique blues-funk project that would be known as 'Dirt Box Charlie'.

The story began when three curious musos; Chris, Hayden and Mike, heard about each other through the grapevine and decided to tee up an impromptu jam session to see what would result. From this first meeting the guys gelled together effortlessly, and from there the trio developed their sound as they experimented with funk, jazz, blues, and rock genres to create groove and instrumental based tunes. A year and a half later, with a number of gigs under their belt and an established sound, the group decided to capture their story so far by making their debut EP entitled "Extended Play".

Over the summer of 2011 they wrote tunes and reworked existing originals to create five tracks for their first EP. Their long list of influences includes Albert King, Billy Cobham, James Brown, John Mayer and Marcus Miller. Their aim with "Extended Play" was to creat a soulful, honest, and unpolished playlist of originals showcasing the different sides of Dirt Box Charlie, from straight-up funk, to deep raw blues, with some unexpected hints of jazz fusion - in one short album.

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