The national Red Bull Thre3Style final hit new heights on Saturday night when over 800 people crammed into Wellingtons Mac’s Brew Bar. Party goers witnessed the country’s finest DJ’s facing off in a bid to get the dance floor rocking to their tunes and claim the Thre3Style Champion title.

After 2 hours of party rocking beats ranging from Old Skool Funk and 80’s classics through to Drum n’ Bass, the DJ who rocked the party the hardest, won over the crowd with his unique style and took away the Thre3Style title was Scizzorhands from Auckland.
Scizzorhands won the right to compete in Red Bull Thre3Style through a Wild Card entry. The video he created showcasing his skills on the turntables gained him his spot amongst the invited and seasoned DJs.

“My thing is I like to hype up the crowd, so I just went all out and went crazy…and hey it worked. I was just mad happy to enjoy the moment up there” said Scizzorhands

Scizzorhands had faith in his unique style of DJing which included body tricks, he knew when he scratched the turntables with his shoulders and elbows he would get the attention of the judges and the crowds favour.

“To me this is a finally, I have always tried to play a little bit different and tonight was just about proving myself and showing what I can do. Red Bull Thre3style is the perfect competition for DJs to show exactly what they got!”

Scizzorhands will now visit Chicago for the first time and represent New Zealand at the Red Bull Thre3Style World Finals in mid-2012, with a chance to bring a world title and massive bragging rights back home.

Following Scizzorhands announcement as the new champion, the crowd was treated to the musical talents of DJ Spell and Starslinger (UK), until the doors closed on the third Thre3style competition to be held in New Zealand.

Red Bull Thre3style is an international event series where Scizzorhands will compete against the winners from twelve countries in an innovative concept that gives highly skilled DJs a platform to battle, perform, gain notoriety and express themselves in a party atmosphere.


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