Fat Freddy’s Drop are an unstoppable hi-tech soul crew whose obvious love of music ensures they keep winning new fans. Check out New Zealand’s finest in a Fireside Chat.

Fat Freddy’s Drop are, first and foremost, a live collective and no two gigs of theirs are ever the same. It's these hypnotic live jams that are at the very heart of Freddy's propulsive blend of dub and reggae, soul, funk, jazz and hip-hop.


Established in Wellington, New Zealand, in 1999, Freddys' watershed year was 2005 when the collective dropped their debut full-length album, Based On A True Story. It rewrote musical history at home and unleashed Freddy's slow-burning magic worldwide.


In late 2008, following three solid years of road-testing songs on countless world tours, Fat Freddy’s Drop were ready to pull the catch and release their next works. Their second album Dr Boondigga & The Big BW saw the light in 2009, followed by a live release in 2010.


Their international profile has risent steadily but they've lost none of their independent spirit and still doing things very much at their own pace. Get the full Fat Freddy story in this Fireside Chat on Red Bull Music Academy Radio:



Fat Freddy's Drop Bounce (Live) (The Drop)
Fat Freddy's Drop Hope (Kartel)
Fat Freddy's Drop Willow Tree (Live) (Kartel)
Fat Freddy's Drop Flashback (The Drop)
Fat Freddy's Drop Del Fuego (The Drop)
Fat Freddy's Drop The Raft (The Drop)
Fat Freddy's Drop The Camel (feat. Alice Russell) (The Drop)
Fat Freddy's Drop Shiverman (Live) (The Drop)
Fat Freddy's Drop Cay's Cray (Digital Mystikz Remix) (Kartel)




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