When Ben Brown focuses on something it happens. He comes from a select group of inspirational athletes who has dedicated the majority of his life to his sport. He lives and breathes it. He trains religiously. He makes sacrifices others would not. He overcomes serious injuries that would end some careers. Ben Brown lives his out his dreams. So when Ben Brown shared his dream of chasing, then paddling some of the biggest and most dangerous white water in New Zealand, others listened.


Those “others” are cut from the same cloth as Ben. These are friends that share a common dream. The dream of adventure, the passion of travel, and the inspiration gained from new discovery.  These are friends that share the physical and mental challenges that expedition kayaking places upon them.

When the invite to visit New Zealand was extended to Rafa Ortiz (MEX) and Rush Sturges (USA), there was no hesitation to accept. These experienced paddlers would join Ben Brown and Jared Meehan (NZ) on a month long adventure that would bond them together, literally for their lives.


A 35 day adventure that would span both islands of New Zealand, see them travel over 8000km, paddle for 24 days and descend 17 rivers. This adventure would lead them to the discovery of remote, new kayaking frontiers. An adventure deep within the Southern Alps of the West Coast, through the big, high water runs of South Otago and across the North Islands central volcanic plateau.


This adventure would remind the team of their vulnerability. These rivers would demand their humility, but would yield so much achievement and peace in return.


This adventure is Red Bull Flow Hunters.