Yelz Wins Wreckers Yard Wellington


YELZ was crowned the Wellington Red Bull Wreckers Yard champion on Saturday night securing himself a spot in the Melbourne Grand Final this June.

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NZ Winners will head to Australia..

Red Bull Wreckers Yard is taking street art culture from back alleys to the people. The best graff artists across seven cities from Australia and New Zealand have been hand-picked to display their artistic flair, whilst spraying against the clock. In each qualifier, eight graff artists will go head-to-head, spraying to a theme, announced just a minute out from the start of each heat. As the rounds progress, the canvas gets smaller, pushing the boundaries of creativity. The ultimate graff artist will be decided at the Red Bull Wreckers Yard Trans Tasman Final, held on 25 June at the Evelyn Hotel in Melbourne.

For your local qualifier, head to:

Bodega, Wellington, Saturday 21st May, 7pm Start, Free Entry.

Neighbourhood (Kingsland), Saturday 28th May, 7pm start, Free Entry.



Artists in Wreckers Yard





One Kame Peepshow
One Kame is a Colombian multidisciplinary artist, focused on freehand aerosol art, his work involves characters and letters mostly done with light effects and lots of color. He began his journey in art as a little boy influenced by the American 80's culture, which had a big impression on his creative personality. He has been a resident in Auckland New Zealand for a year now, working as a tattoo artist and freelance illustrator. Best described as a creative jack-of-all-trades, Peepshow is an artist, web and graphic designer, photographer, co-founder of, a member of Cut Collective and the creative talent behind Magazine. 
Yelz Kiran-X
Higher and higher the mighty apes go, with their bricks dotting the landscape to and fro.
Do you know whom was here before, what little critter was on the forest floor...
Yelz floats in between spaces, staring, baring it all. Monsters and Moas, birds and trees up to your knees.
Using various tools to move images around, whether on wood, wall or paper-bound,
they'll end up in secrets spots to be little forget me nots.
KIRAN-X is a stencil illustrator, a Pablo's Art Studios Tutor / Mentor and a Creative Technologies Lecturer at WelTec. His stencil works have been described as visceral, exploitative, and hyper sensualized. KIRAN-X is inspired by ravaged, neglected bill boards where the product is either diminished or obsolete and all that is left is a fallen idol.
Gasp Cinzah
I have always been artistic, so aside from discovering my love for graffiti art.
I also like a lot of different “art” and to me it seemed only natural to combine them.
I draw a lot of inspiration from 1960s pop art and popular culture images from this era.
In my work I reappropriate these influences with graffiti art techniques.
Cinzah Seekayem is an Auckland based Artist / Illustrator / Professional Mess maker.
His work ranges from intricate drawings through to digital illustration and large scale murals. Cinzah draws directly from his imagination, exploring themes such as childhood nostalgia, daydreaming, nature, travel and studies of slightly deranged city folk. His works have been exhibited in and appeared in mural productions throughout New Zealand, Australia, Sth East Asia, Japan and America.
Ghstie BMD
In 2004 while my friends wrote their names on walls I decided to go with the saying "You always remember a face but never a name" therefore I left my character nameless until he was nicknamed Ghstie. I have since dropped the 'o' off in reference to graffiti traditions as writers often replace this letter with a character in their pieces and at the time I had also dabbled with painting pieces. SInce 2004 I have taken this 3 eyed character and painted/pasted/stickered/screenprinted/etched/stenciled/sketched on walls, participated in Arts festivals, music festivals, charity auctions and group exhibitions all across NZ and Australia. Now in 2011 I continue to be a "jack of all trades master of none" by rendering Ghstie in whatever medium I can as I don't like to pigeon hole myself in one corner and like to keep things fresh, although nothing beats painting a 12 foot Ghstie with spray Bio; “..we ain’t wordological masters, being we play in the visual of our environmental disaster~ would lose the sane in streets so mundane, so into the game we entered mid oh’eight, the entry was unfashionably pronounced late, but the state which we begun, and its all through solid bmd fun, do it cause we do, it happens and its done, anonymous there ain't one, there’s two, and each shoe don't last, with the distance we surpass, the day depicts the vast display display, many a way, whats drawn is drawn, bmd, we’re like a fukn plaster thorn, mooning of a new wave, no grave in sight, its too late, we’re tight’ly un-able to stop, sorry cop, bmd’s the city's top new rash, its all the hot girls we pash, and survived the surprise bash, no lies, no fame, bmd’s just our name, no spots untame’able, what we gots became ill full time, no aim for the financial dime, rhyme test, we’re not proclaiming for the best, we’re just in-vesting with the rest, testing whats feasible, metropoly’s undieseasable pest, street arts protest on stereotypes, in the dark or under lights, there we go, with passive fights, a rap we send, its bmd, your laughing friend..
Editor  Drypnz
"I heard he wrestled a moose once." - Cast (Pirates Crew) Drypnz is a Wellington, based paint mover. Since 2005 he has been creating murals and bits of vandalism in New Zealand, and around the world. His works imitate experiences, and the people he finds surround him.
Revealing exaggerated aspects of the human condition and discrepancies in our common traits.
 Liam Moore  
Artist.Writer.Musician,creative director,curator and general Karangahape road misfit, has designed skateboard decks,t-shirts,toys,zines,local and international exhibitions,always keen for adventure. Liam Moore / BREAK / KRZZ / PIZZARIA GALLERY /2011