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Orignally coming from a FMX background, Mike Whiddett made a major impact in the drift scene when he released his Red Bull branded RX 7 drift car. Mike is a talented driver who pushes himself and his car to the limits everytime he takes to the track. This was evident in his showing at the Red Bull World Drifting Championships in LA where Mike made his way into the "Great Eight" but then pushed to hard and crashed his car. And of course with the success of his brain-child, Red Bull Drift Shifters which was a 'pin-ball styled event, executed in downtown Auckland City in front of a 10,000+ crowd.

With a huge following in the NZ drift community, Mike is a great ambassador for Red Bull NZ and the sport of drifting. He is an approachable guy who is always willing to talk to the fans, and a very loving Dad!