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Drop four world-class wakeboarders and a reliable airboat into the misty swamps of Louisiana and let them rip. These are the ingredients for Red Bull Swamped – for the visual output, check here!

Red Bull wakeboarding athletes JD Webb, Adam Errington, Brian Grubb and Parks Bonifay met up on December 6 for one very successful wake film project on the Tickfaw River in the the swamps of Louisiana. The project had an eerie, surreal, even nightmarish feel to it, along with some very creative night scenes that were extremely cold but truly amazing.

It may look like the set of The Nightmare Before Christmas but these Louisiana riverbanks in the bayou complete with spooky trees were the perfect setting for the Red Bull Swamped wakeboarding event.


Adam, Parks, JP and Brian head out to the propellerboat after Cajun breakfast and coffee.


 Adam and Brian see to a raise of adrenaline before even boarding their boards.


 Brian Grubb having fun in the silent world of the swamps.



 The crew relaxes as dusk breaks in - and the real action is about to begin.



 Only after dark: Railslide by JP.



 Brian Grubb, swamped to the max!

Photos © Brian Nevins / Red Bull Content Pool


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