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Danny grew up on the Isle of Skye where he says he had a reckless amount of freedom growing up – in other words he had the most amazing childhood! He got into trials biking around the age of 11 and has been progressing ever since. At the age of 17 he moved to Aviemore to work in a bike shop called Bothy Bikes and around four years ago Danny hooked up with Inspired Bike, which allowed him to ride as much as possible. Then when he was 21 he moved to Edinburgh to start work in MacDonald cycles – he says he was lured to Edinburgh by the fun street riding. In 2009 he left MacDonald and started up a bike display team with a friend called The Clan, which enabled him to ride a bike for a living. By March 2009 there were enough bookings to keep The Clan busy for the year, but then Danny finished a small video he had been filming for the previous six months with flatmate Dave Sowerby. Once the video hit the internet the world went crazy for Danny MacAskill and since then he has been in demand all over the world. Now being sponsored by Red Bull, Danny can go out and do all the things he's dreamed of doing on his bike and 2010 looks like it's going to be another great year for Danny MacAskill with some really exciting projects on the horizon.