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Amenta's Sacred Places

Amenta on the mic Alice Peperell for Red Bull Studios

Red Bull Music Academy alumni and Toronto native Amenta presents her debut dreamy five track EP Sacred Places that was part recorded at the the Red Bull Studios. Inviting five of the UK’s up and coming electronic producers to craft beats this EP is a delightful journey through Amenta’s subconscious.  

Civil Music’s Om Unit creates the opening track Maybe A Dream where Amenta’s vocal harmonies and spoken word bars mesh carefully with his spacey arrangement and trip hop beat. Brighton based Lost Twin works with reverse engineering and chimes on second track Sticky - partly created at the Red Bull Studios London. Ambient skippy number Come Around produced by Clinic is warm and the perfect soundtrack for the summer/autum change .

On the remaining tracks Amenta invites burgeoning London based producer Throwing Snow to create a heavier more dramatic beat on the lyrically charged Eleutherios. Working with Academy buddy Kidkanevil, the 'imagenary hip hop' producer creates an astral plane of glitch sounds, layered vocals and moody bursts of sub through out Stormy Weather.  

Sacred Places is out now on First World Records.





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