'Concrete Circus' aired on Channel 4 last night, bringing together four of the world’s hottest names in urban sports with some of the best viral film-makers around, and Mike Christie, the director of extreme sport documentary 'Jump London', to capture and produce four unique portraits of the urban sports scene.

'Industrial Revolutions' is the amazing new film from street trials riding star Danny ‘Megaskills’ Macaskill as shot by Stu Thomson. For his latest venture, the street trials riding star heads to an old ironworks and railway yard in the beautiful Scottish countryside where he makes the most of the crumbling masonry and train carriages with a blinding display of skill and balance.

As part of the urban documentary, film-maker Claudiu Voicu was given the task of creating a short film of his own. The result is 'Storm Origins', a film that follows three traceurs (Paul 'Blue' Joseph, Phil Doyle, Mathiue Ledoux) in a test to become part of an elite team.

'Concrete Circus' also includes 'BMX Flatland' as directed by Kendy Ty and features a stunning display from Keelan Phillips.

And for 'A Skate Illustration', Kilian Martin once again teams up with director Brett Novak for another impressive skate short.

Head over to Channel 4 now to watch Behind The Scenes footage of how the stunts in 'Concrete Circus' were set up and rehearsed.

And for those who missed out on viewing 'Concrete Circus' you can watch the full show now on 4oD.


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