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To paraphrase one of The Offspring's songs, Mark Webber is pretty fly for a white guy. As if to prove this, the Australian F1 driver has been taking skydiving lessons from Jon DeVore. Here's what happened…

Fresh from his victory in the Monaco GP, Mark Webber took on another daring challenge yesterday – skydiving.

The Red Bull Racing star was given some tips by Red Bull Air Force Manager Jon DeVore before he headed into a wind tunnel in Montreal to defy gravity. 

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Webber then returned the favour by showing DeVore just what it takes to race an Infiniti G37S. This co-operation in derring-do culminated in DeVore leaping from a helicopter and landing in the backseat of an Infiniti G Coupe being driven by Webber at over 160kph.

It's the second of Infiniti’s Inspired Performers skill-swapping series. The first saw Sebastian Vettel starring in Kung Fu movie, Drive of the Dragon, with martial arts actor Celina Jade. 

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Said Mark Webber afterwards, “I’ve tried a lot of adventure sports but the skill it takes to do a skydive takes it to a whole new level. Jon was a great tutor and he turned out to be a pretty handy driver too.”

Webber and Vettel will be both in action at this weekend's Canadian Grand Prix.

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