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Gallery Update: Utterance

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A group of talented Goldsmiths Fine Art and History of Art undergraduates preview their work for the penultimate show in the Goldsmiths Debuts series. Themed around the word Utterance, Jill Chong, Zehra Naqvi, Emma Massoud, Arield Ruvinsky, Peter Voss-Knude, Karen Yeh and Shabana Zaman presented a series of canvases, audio and interactive visuals that explore the fetters of cultural upbringing and how we’re shaped by the rules of communication. Artists touch on issues like the history of Pakistan’s founder Ali Jinnah and being a volunteer police officer in the UK.

nullDream of Jinnah by Zehra Naqvi


nullReveller looking at Peter Voss-Knude
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nullRed Bull Company LTD

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