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Pet Sounds: Charli XCX

Charli XCX Charli XCX

When she's not jetting off on tour with Santigold or creating anthems for London Fashion Week our girl Charli XCX is perfecting the art of DJ selection. We caught up with the petite goth pop star to chat about her secret weapons in the booth.

You’ve been flexing your DJ skills around London town, what would we find in your record bag?
Charli: You will find both Die Antwoord albums - I totally love them. I think what they do is f*cking amazing and their songs make me wanna go crazy! Also there would be some Salem, ooOoOO and Nina Sky. For the more mellow nights Kate Bush's ‘Sensual World’ as it’s one of my favourite albums EVER! I'd also have Justin Bieber's track ‘Boyfriend’ in there 'coz it reminds me of a PG version of the Ying Yang Twins and it's an amazing song.

Do you play CDs?
Charli: Sometimes, or sometimes I just play from my laptop. It doesn't really matter to me. I really respect great DJs - I think what they do is amazing. I would never call myself a pro, I just go along and play songs that I love and make sure everyone's having fun.

Tell us about your top five dance floor smashers?

Charli: Diplo 'Express Yourself' always gets everyone going - loads of ass popping going on there.

Grimes 'Oblivion,'

Die Antwoord 'I Fink U Freeky,'

J-Kwon 'Tipsy,'

And obviously one of the best slow jams ever, R Kelly 'Bump N Grind.' The full version, all the way through from start to finish. Probably on repeat a couple of times too. It's amazing.

Finally, if you were asked to DJ at a wedding what would you play?

Charli: Probably Tupac 'Me and my Girlfriend'. You can't really go wrong with that.

Charli's debut single 'You're The One' is out late July on Asylum Records.

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