Spidey Against  Manhattan Skyline

If the most exercise you get is surfing from the comfort of your sofa, we've got just the thing to keep you limber whilst you sit back and enjoy feeling active without the effort.

When it comes to athletic achievement, I can't help but feel eight hours a day down the gym, on the track or in the pool is it bit of a waste, when the greatest training tools of all may well be found under your TV.

So with that in mind, and in the spirit of a season of super-human endeavour, Red Bull is proud to present the Alternative Video Game Summer Sports Spectacular.

Boxing – Batman: Arkham City

He might not be a strict observer of the Queensberry Rules, but the Dark Knight's pugilistic prowess knows no bounds as he biff-bosh-sock-pows his way through the shadowy streets of Gotham.

Fencing – Infinity Blade II

Once you've mastered hacking a 50ft sword-wielding demon down to size, a five and a half foot teenager in a silly white mask won't feel nearly as intimidating.

Athletics – Canabalt

It's often said athletes produce the run of their lives to win a big race. Well, try actually running for your life in the racing equivalent of the 10,000m hurdles.

Beach Volleyball – Dead Or Alive Xtreme 2

Popular, for reasons that escape me at present, with male spectators, there's no risk of a UK washout on Tecmo's paradise island of pouting pretties.

Archery – Minecraft

Hitting the bullseye is so much easier when you have giant pixels to aim at, and you can build the target as big as you like.

Shooting – Sniper Elite v2

If you think blasting a clay pigeon in the middle of a cricket pitch is pressure, try being a World War II sniper for the afternoon.

Football – FIFA Street 3

If you're going to chuck a team of multiple nations together, in which only three players over the age of 23 are allowed, no-one's going to take it seriously. But, as EA's backyard boot-around proved, you don't even need a proper pitch to make football fun.

Equestrian – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

After mounting Epona and charging across the green, green grass of Hyrule to battle Ganon's dark forces, hopping over a few bits of wood in Greenwich Park is unlikely to trouble you.

Canoe Slalom – Grand Theft Auto IV

The problem with canoe racing is all that annoying paddling. Grab a boat with a motor and you can keep your hands free for important stuff. You know, like guns.

Gymnastics – The Amazing Spider-Man

If you can swing between skyscrapers in a lycra bodysuit, you can probably dangle from some bits of ribbon tied to a gym ceiling.


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