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Toddla T came to the Red Bull Studios London with DRS, Serocee and legendary garage vocalist Shola Ama to apply the finishing touches to his brand new live show Toddla T Sound. We caught up with Toddla after the rehearsal to about talk about his vision: “It’s basically a sound system take on my DJ sets. We’ve got a whole heap of vocalists and for the first time ever my set is all my own material. I still want to keep the vibe of the show ‘party’ and ‘fun’ so I’ve incorporated my DJ sets into the show. Every single track in the set has an element of my production.” As well as custom refixes and dubplates the show will also come to life with visuals from Sheffield designers Peter and Paul. Toddla is set to premiere the live show on April 18th at The Ritz in Manchester as part of Major Lazer's UK tour.

Watch Toddla in the first series of The Produers with Dave Okumu:


Download and listen to Toddla T’s RedBull Mixtape

Toddla and Rodigan on the couch for RBMA



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