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Sebastian Vettel came from P2 to pass his old sparring partner Nico Hulkenberg and lead Red Bull Racing to a one-two at the Brazilian Grand Prix, helping to sew up the constructors' title with one race to go. Here's Seb's take on the day...

"What a brilliant day! I can't tell you how happy I am that we sealed the constructors’ title today and I want to take a moment to thank the whole team for their amazing work.

The team here in Brazil was as great as the one that stayed at home in Milton Keynes, from the cleaning lady to the cafeteria staff – you are all a big part of this successful day for Red Bull.

Driving this car was pure joy and I think that people were able to tell how I felt.

The start of the race was decisive and I was really glad that everything went so smoothly. Towards the end of the race I started to count the laps down and just hoped that everything would be OK – and luckily it did.

I'm sure we're going to celebrate this double victory in style.

The big showdown in Abu Dhabi is only a few days away and I can just hope for a repeat performance there.

Looking at the points, I can only say that anything is possible and that we will keep on giving our very best.

We can start to discuss where we would be if I would have finished the race in Korea, but I don't waste my time with thinking about what might have been. But let's face it: things don't look that bad for us.

My last thank of today goes out to all our supporters. Thank you so much for crossing your fingers for me, just keep them crossed for another week!

All the best and I’ll talk to you from the desert."


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