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Although he’s only in his early 30s, Aaron Chase has already been declared a “legend of mountain biking.” He’s been on the cutting edge of the sport for over a decade, innovating not only the way people ride, but the way courses and bikes are built, as well as how MTB films are scripted and shot.

Since winning the dual urban freeride grails of Red Bull Bike Battle and Red Bull District Ride, “AC” has gone on to pioneer the all-terrain slopestyle movement that reclaims the creative spirit of mountain biking. And one look at his schedule – packed with film shoots, comps and coaching gigs – proves that when it comes to the legend of Aaron Chase, there’s still a lot left to write.

A longtime collaborator on Freeride Entertainment’s “New World Disorder” series, Aaron is also a popular director, editor and rider for Don Hampton’s DH Productions, and recently starred in the company’s 25th DVD adventure, “Here We Go Again.”

One of Aaron’s favorite projects, available for viewing at VitalMTB.com, is “H.O.L.T.” – the “Hold On Loosely Tour,” in which he and his buddies power up their motorcycles and tour a region, riding their mountain bikes in prime locations along the way. Fictional storylines are woven in to create an epic road-trip fantasy-reality. New England was the destination for the 2008 H.O.L.T. ride, and next up will be the wild landscape of Utah and perhaps even wilder backdrop of Las Vegas.

“I’m taking on anything that comes – I just can’t say no,” Aaron smiles. At home in New Jersey, he also finds it hard to say no to his two-year-old daughter Kendall, who, he claims, looks just like him and – judging from her fearlessness on the tree swing – may share his passion for catching air.

“The things I’m doing now are taking the sport to the next level,” Aaron notes. “Slopestyle runs are using more big drops, hits, jumps and wall rides, which is better for spectators, video and magazines. It’s something the average rider can look at and appreciate.”

He adds, “Basically, my job is to think of something fun and make it happen – and I get to do that with the people I want to ride with. It doesn’t get much better than that.”