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Australia’s Corey Bohan has made an indelible impression on the world of BMX. His smooth style—admired throughout the BMX industry—and his creative trick combos have landed him on the podium countless times, including an unprecedented gold medal three-peat in X Games Dirt from 2004 to 2006.

Perhaps the only reason he didn’t pick up a fourth was the surprising removal of the event from the X Games competition roster as of 2007. No matter. His peers still voted him Dirt Jumper of the Year at the annual NORA Cup awards in 2007, an honor he repeated in ’08—for an amazing fifth year in a row.

Corey grew up riding BMX in Brisbane, Australia, building dirt jumps in an empty lot down the street from his house. He got a wildcard invite to the Planet X Games contest in Brisbane when he was 17 and quietly worked his way through the field to make the Finals.

Although there was widespread talent in the Australian BMX scene, there wasn’t enough support available for a rider to have a full-time career, so Corey worked as a carpenter’s apprentice and honed his riding skills on the weekends.

When fellow Aussie Colin Mackay made the long journey to the U.S. and successfully started a BMX career there, he opened the door for more Aussie riders to do the same, and Corey charged through it.

During his first trip to the States in 2002, Corey competed at the X Games in Philadelphia and generated enough sponsor interest to ensure his return the next year. He earned X Games silver that summer; his gold-medal and NORA Cup winning streaks began in 2004, along with wins at landmark events like Red Bull Elevation in 2006 and Red Bull Empire of Dirt in ’08.

Through it all, Corey maintains a creative approach to his riding, favoring skill and control over hucking the latest trick of the month. Perhaps his understated approach comes from his love of surfing, a lifestyle he’s clearly been influenced by. “Doing what you want to do in life is important,” he says. “I just want to keep progressing and traveling the world with my mates.” What about earning a reputation as one of BMX dirt jumping’s all-time greatest riders? Well, that’s just an added bonus.