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With coveted Formula One titles captured, X Games golds for Ashley Fiolek and Travis Pastrana and more incredible records set, Red Bull Motorsports enjoyed a very good year.

Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber and the Red Bull Racing crew brought home the Constructors and Drivers titles in F1 while the world's best FMX riders battled at Red Bull X-Fighters and Pastrana sailed over Rainbow Harbor for Red Bull: New Year. No Limits. Pin the throttle wide open for five of our favorite gas-powered happenings from the last 12 months:

Five Thrilling Motorsports Moments from 2010

#5: Pastrana Goes the Distance on New Year’s Eve

It’s not like Travis Pastrana has anything left to prove – everybody knows he’s one of the world’s biggest daredevils, and one of the few with the extreme talent to back it up. He started his career on two wheels, racing motocross and dominating FMX contests, landing the first-ever double backflip on a motorcycle at X Games in 2006.

He went on to be an unstoppable force in the Rally America Series, racking up four overall championship titles. When it came time for Travis to step into the spotlight for Red Bull: New Year. No Limits., he opted to jump his rally car to a new world distance record, sailing 269 feet over Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach, California, live on ESPN.

It was an amazing way to kick in the New Year, and you can bet he has plenty more stunts floating around in his head for the future.


#4: Red Bull Athletes Rev Up X Games Podiums

Speaking of Travis, he added to his already massive X Games medal count in 2010, earning gold medals in both Moto X Freestyle and Moto X Speed & Style. He even took a victory lap after his Freestyle win, spinning a double backflip like it was no big thing. Levi Sherwood (more on him below) finished just behind Travis with silver in Freestyle.

A few more silvers went to Ronnie Renner in Step Up and Robbie Maddison in Best Trick (with his personal take on the Volt body varial), along with Tarah Gieger, who earned a solid silver in Women’s Super X. Ashley Fiolek preferred gold, however, taking back-to-back X Games wins in Super X.

Ashley had another big moment this year, releasing her autobiography, Kicking Up Dirt, in April.


#3: Levi Sherwood Tops Red Bull X-Fighters - Twice

New Zealander Levi Sherwood made his presence known on the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour in 2009 with a win in Mexico, but suffered some injuries that plagued the rest of his season. He returned in 2010 to lay down another victory in Moscow, then followed it up with another at London’s iconic Battersea Station.

Unfortunately, Levi was unable to battle for the title at the finals in Rome after suffering injuries at another event in September. Levi’s proven his mettle to his competitors though, and 2011 should be a very big year for the Rubber Kid.


#2: Maddo Goes Long

With a list of adrenaline-fueled accomplishments as long as Robbie Maddison has, you’d think he’d be content to relax and take it easy at this point. Maddo’s philosophy is quite the opposite, though, as he continues to push for new tricks and insane stunts at every turn. The veteran of two wild Red Bull: New Year. No Limits. record-setting jumps learned the Volt body varial this year, which helped him take the win at Red Bull X-Fighters in Madrid in July.

His craziest feat went down in April though, when he shot more than 278 feet across the Corinth Canal in Greece. The distance was one thing, but Maddo also had to deal with the potential consequences of being more than 300 feet above the surface of the canal. Not surprisingly, he fully committed and inked another amazing jump into the history books.


#1: Red Bull Racing and Sebastian Vettel Wrap Up F1 Titles

No recap of our favorite moments of 2010 would be anywhere near complete without a hats-off to Red Bull Racing and their incredible accomplishment. The team captured the coveted Constructors Title at the Brazilian Grand Prix event, and Sebastian Vettel went on to earn the overall drivers title at the following race in Abu Dhabi.

In only their sixth season of Grand Prix competition, Red Bull Racing ran an amazing program from top to bottom, from the drivers to the incredible RB6 all the way through to the management and support personnel. Taking the Constructors Title is no easy feat, especially for such a young team, but Red Bull Racing has made incredible forward strides every season since its inception, and has now proven its championship character.

The drivers title was hotly contested all the way to the end, with Vettel winning the final race to become the youngest F1 world champion ever. Congratulations to the entre Red Bull Racing family – here’s to many more!


Other Great Moments in Red Bull Motorsports from 2010

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