Anthony Napolitan in the berms at Red Bull Dream Line Cody York/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

Anthony Napolitan spent most of his summer crafting and organizing one of the most anticipated BMX events of the season, Red Bull Dream Line. The event featured Anthony’s private training facility in Minnesota, which offered a dream course with unrestricted trails and jumps. Anthony invited the best BMX dirt riders in the world to compete in the weekend-long event -- the list included Brian Foster, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Cory Nastazio, Dennis Enarson and more.

Red Bull USA sat down with Anthony during the event to talk about what inspired him to create Red Bull Dream Line, how his summer went and where he’d like to go for the rest of the year.

Red Bull USA: What was it like holding your first major contest, Red Bull Dream Line? Was it hard narrowing down which riders to invite? How do you think the contest went overall?

Anthony Napolitan: It was definitely an awesome experience holding my first major event. It was seriously just the coolest thing ever. As far as narrowing down the riders, it was really, really hard.

The path to the riders who actually showed up and rode was a long one for sure. There were a lot of guys who got hurt before the event. There were a lot of guys who couldn’t come because of other obligations -- it was just pretty crazy organizing it all. I think at the end of the day, the riders who showed up and did ride were perfect.

Everyone had fun, everyone knew each other and everyone liked each other, so it was definitely a good group of guys. I purposely made the contest very loose and laid back, and I think the riders really liked that. They would show up at 10 o’clock in the morning and wouldn’t stop riding until the sun went down. It was the first contest that I have been to where guys wanted to stay after the contest was over and keep riding. I’m stoked!

"They would show up at 10 o’clock in the morning and wouldn’t stop riding until the sun went down."

Red Bull USA: How long did the course take to build? I know you had to keep it on the DL too -- was it hard to keep it a secret from everybody?

Anthony: The course took about six weeks roughly [to build]. At first, it was so easy to keep it all a secret when nothing was there yet. When I showed up in June, it was halfway done. Then I came back in July to ride it and it started to get so hard to keep it hush-hush.

I wanted to tell so many people about it but I knew if I kept my mouth shut, it would totally be worth it in the end when I surprised everyone. It was funny because I live with three other BMX dudes: my brother Ronnie Napolitan, Seth Klinger and Brandon Dosch. Brian Hunt was starting to move in a little bit for the summer too, so it was really hard for me to keep a secret from all of them.

Going there the two times I did before the contest, I had to lie to all of them and tell them I had to do some stuff in Chicago and different trips and stuff (laughs).

I hate lying, especially to my friends, because I’m not a liar! Even when I could tell them about it, they even had to keep it a secret too and starting lying to their girlfriends and stuff -- it was really funny.

Red Bull USA: You invited such a heavy-hitting list of riders to ride the Dream Line. Who did you enjoy watching ride it the most?

Anthony: That’s such a crazy hard question. The list I put together for the contest was a mix between contest guys, trail riders and legends; it was such a diverse group of dudes who came out, so it was just awesome to watch everyone ride.

Everyone killed it, everything about the event was nuts. Mike “Hucker” Clark dished out a first-ever for himself and did an opposite truckdriver to downside tailwhip over the last big 30-foot jump -- and that was nuts! I wouldn’t even think to opposite three that thing. It was just amazing to see everyone’s different riding styles and tricks getting thrown down.

Red Bull USA: Aside from setting up this amazing event, how did the rest of your summer go?

Anthony: It was awesome; I went to New Zealand and Australia in the beginning of the year and kind of had summer time there when it was winter here. Then I went to Qatar for Bikes Over Baghdad, and I also went to Kuwait. I did a contest in Germany. I went to Brazil this year and I’ve just been bouncing all over the place -- it’s been great. I did a huge DC Tour around the west coast too.

I’ve been having fun riding new places and meeting new people. I wrecked my ankle in August at Dew Tour and have re-hurt it a couple times since then. At Dream Line, I hung up on a flip on the 30-footer in practice.

So now I’m just trying to chill out and let it heal and just try to keep myself together. I’m hoping to be ready in time for Dew Tour in Las Vegas coming up. Other than my ankle, it’s been such a great year!

Red Bull USA: How did Interbike go? Any wild stories? Also, I know you mentioned you were going to attend the Mirra vs. Deegan fight. Were you surprised that Mirra lost?

Anthony: Interbike was cool. I went there one day to say hi to people and check it out. Interbike is Interbike, you know?

The Mirra and Deegan fight was really awesome, though. It seriously could’ve gone either way. I think it really just boiled down to those extra 30 seconds they had in the extra round. It was nuts, Mirra was definitely the fan favorite. During each round there were Mirra chants. Those dudes were in the most tip-top shape of their lives; it was cool to see so much dedication from them both. I won’t be surprised if they do a re-match because it was such a close fight.

Red Bull USA: What are your plans for the rest of the year? Any costume ideas for Halloween?

Anthony: My costume this year is going to be epic! I’m going to be Brandon Dosch this year (laughs). Brandon’s my roommate and he’s one of the funniest dudes I’ve ever met.

I’m going be him because he’s wild. He wears Metal Mulisha jeans and shirts, so I’m going to get a fake beard and just wear a big beanie with big ass sunglasses all night! I’m going to have all of Brandon’s tattoos put on my arm and just walk around all night screaming, “America!” and spilling beer all over myself and my friends, and drinking my friends’ drinks all night long, ‘cause that’s what Brandon does.

After that I’ll be going to San Diego for New Year’s Eve, and after that I’m probably going to head back overseas to New Zealand and skip the winter like I did last year.

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