Surfer and artist Herbie Fletcher Kolohe Andino

This spring Kolohe Andino, in the midst of his rookie year on the ASP World Tour, landed wrong trying an air reverse at home in San Clemente, California. With a grade-3 sprain in his ankle and grade-2 sprain in his foot, he expects to be out of the water for the next 10-12 weeks.

But the 18-year-old is a creative kid, and as of late he's picked up photography. He's adamant about not using his iPhone to take pictures and deleted all of his Instagram collection. We caught up with him to see what's up with the recent artistic inspiration.

Let's talk about your camera.

It's a Hasselblad 500 CM with an 80mm lens. It's an old medium format camera.

What got you into shooting film?

I was kind of messing around with Holga a lot, which is just a point-and-shoot film camera, real low quality, and I wasn’t satisfied at all with what I was getting. They are trendy and cool, and I'd be walking around and people would be like, “Ooo, is that a ‘real’ camera?” But I wasn't satisfied with the photos I was getting. So I was like, “Alright, I gotta learn to use a Hasselblad.”

They look sick, they shoot sick. So I talked to Grant Ellis, the photo editor over at Surfer Magazine, and he told me what to look for and helped set me up. We found one on eBay and I bought it.

How does it compare to what you’ve shot with in the past?

The photos are great, they're so high quality. The whole film thing -- it forced me to really use my brain. Everything from how many shots you have to the opposite mirrors on the viewfinder, aperture, speed and all that stuff. I'm over digital because it's so easy. It just dumbs down everything, so I don't take any photos with my iPhone anymore. I just carry around this camera.

nullKolohe Andino

And you've deleted everything in your Instagram account?

Ha, yeah, got rid of everything there. Instagram became like Twitter where people just talk shit on it, so I was over it.

Do you see yourself getting more into photography?

Yeah, I've been looking at a lot of art photography books ever since I really started focusing on this. And hanging with Herbie Fletcher because he knows so much and has been able to connect me with some really sick, talented people. I'm super psyched on it.

As far as paintings go, I can't really paint at all, but I like that abstract shit because if you paint a picture that looks exactly like something, it takes a lot of talent but it looks just like a picture -- so why not just take a picture? I like the interpretative stuff.

Photography's hard, though. Some people just have the eye for what's sick, or others really have to work at developing it... and I think I'm going to have to work at it. It's a challenge, and that's what I like about it.

What about music, what are you listening to right now?

Lately I've just been psyching out on Devo. That’s it. The one song "Gut Feeling," it's been on repeat like no other. That and a little Grateful Dead and Elvis. I always listen to old stuff, no matter what, that's something that'll never change. I just listen to the oldies radio stations, but sometimes they play like Tom Petty and Def Leppard and I'm not into that '80s hair band stuff.

Click here to see more of Kolohe's recent photos.




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