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Temper Trap Streams New Self-Titled Album

Some of you might be scratching your head and wondering, “Who is the Temper Trap?” If you can’t place the name, you can certainly place the song “Sweet Disposition.” The song -- off their full-length debut Conditions -- was used to promote just about everything, from indie flicks to Diet Coke to Chryslers. On the Australian group’s self-titled sophomore effort, the world is in for much of the same sweetly orchestrated -- yet even larger and entirely realized -- indie gems. Rolling Stone is streaming the entire album, which is set to drop June 5 in the United States.

Gold Panda Drops New 7-inch

British-producer Gold Panda drops his latest 7-inch today via electro-heavyweights Ghostly International. The two tracks reveal the variety in “modern hip-hop." Schlecker describes the 808 snares on “Mountain” as a nod to Noah “40” Shebib and Drake collaborator Boi-1da (we can definitely hear it), and b-side “Financial District” as a slightly sped-up version of that same homage. Check out the video for “Financial District” up above and stream “Mountain” down below.

Bear In Heaven Head to the ’80s for Inspiration  

It seems like we can’t go a week without hosting some psychedelic splendor. This week it comes from synth aficionados Bear In Heaven, whose video for "Sinful Nature" takes us on a wild, screensaver-centric and ’80s-themed ride through such classic films as “Mannequin” (those facemasks are terribly creepy) and “Pretty Woman.” Luckily for any haters of cyclical culture, the standout track more than holds its own.


Dope Body Go Heavy On “Natural History”

This year, not many things will hit your speakers as hard as Dope Body’s “Natural History.” The Baltimore-based band is releasing its sophomore album, streaming via Spin. If you’ve got even the slightest tolerance for the Melvins’ poppier work (seems like an oxymoron, we know) and a bit of respect for the technicality behind Battles, you’ll happily sacrifice at least one ear drum while tuning into Dope Body’s latest effort.

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