Brian Grubb at Red Bull Wake of Fame Bill Doster/Red Bull Photofiles

Red Bull wakeboard athletes JD Webb, Adam Errington and Parks Bonifay and wakeskater Brian Grubb are all at home in the water, to put it lightly. After years of competing in the top ranks, they know their way around a boat wake, and they’re just as dialed on the technical obstacles that cable and winch set-ups allow for.

The guys got a workout with the System 2.0 cable rig at the Red Bull Wake of Fame event in Florida last week (including Brian, pictured above), so we hit them up to give us their opinion on boat vs. cable events. This is what they had to say: 

null Garth Milan/Red Bull Photofiles

Both boat and winch events have their pros and cons. I grew up as a cable rail rider (similar to winch) so winching, cable and rails will always interest me; it's something I will always enjoy. The best part about a winch event is how up close and personal you can get with the crowd. It's constant, in-your-face action, which is great for everyone. As far as boat riding goes, I'd say that is my favorite part of wakeboarding; I think it's the quickest way for wakeboarding to progress.
- Adam Errington 

null Robert Snow/Red Bull Photofiles

Boat riding will be around forever - that is the heart and soul of wakeboarding. However, System 2.0 has really opened up some doors for our sport, really taking it to the next level and bringing wakeboarding up close to the audience. It’s allowing us to venture out and explore untapped areas. I think with a little work, both aspects will be forever groundbreaking and continue to dominate the competitive side of wakeboarding. As a past Rail Rider of the Year, I really enjoy System 2.0 and how much it has allowed me to further my rail riding.
- JD Webb 

null Robert Snow/Red Bull Photofiles

The biggest difference between boat and winch/2.0 events for me is how much closer the riders are to the crowd at winch events. At boat contests the riders are out in the lake and usually far away from the spectators, but at winch events the crowds are so close they get sprayed with water occasionally. Each event has different rail setups too, so each event is unique, whereas boat contests usually involve just jumping the wake.
- Brian Grubb 


null Bill Doster/Red Bull Photofiles

Boat events and 2.0 events are different in many ways. The main difference is in the type of tricks that are being done. In boat events, there are a lot more flips and spins going on; it's more of a traditional type of wakeboarding. Within the past few years, thanks to the help of System 2.0 and cable parks across the country, a lot more kids are hitting rails and different types of jib-style structures, so that aspect of wakeboarding Is growing quickly. The rope pull for the rider is so much higher, allowing you to hit rails in a new way. And the pace of the event is so much faster; guys are able to go right after each other quickly, making it good for TV and the crowd. Finally, wakeboarding can be brought to more of an urban venue, as opposed to only being on lakes.
- Parks Bonifay





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