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Dizzy Wright’s New Mixtape Celebrates Independence

Dizzy Wright, whom we wrote about a few weeks back, is on a roll. The Las Vegas rapper’s "SmokeOut Conversations" album hit number two on iTunes’ hip-hop chart upon its release in April. That set the stage for the upcoming SmokeOut Conversations Tour, which starts June 29 at Mojoe’s in Joliet, Illinois, and concludes July 22 at the Slidebar Café in Fullerton, California.

Wright also just dropped the stellar “SmokeOut Conversations Mixtape." The potent 10-cut collection features the rapper boasting of his indie status on “Independent Living,” and stating his desire to "edutain" his listeners on “Wake Up.” A well-rounded artist with tremendous potential, Dizzy Wright is delivering a steady stream of top-tier music.

MORE: Dizzy picks five of his favorites from his own song catalog.

Rich Boy Ready To “Throw” Some Mo

When Rich Boy exploded on the scene in 2007 with “Throw Some D’s,” it appeared to mark the arrival of another Southern rap star. After all, the Mobile, Alabama, rapper’s ode to his ride was famously reworked by Kanye West and also spawned a high-powered remix with Andre 3000, Jim Jones, Nelly, Murphy Lee and the Game. But the Polow Da Don protégé faded from the limelight almost as quickly as he arrived. Out to prove he’s got more to offer, Rich Boy is releasing a mixtape, “First Day of Summer,” on June 21. He’s also working on material for a new studio album, which is slated to arrive by the end of the year.

“In Living Color” Reboot

“In Living Color,” the revolutionary TV sketch-comedy series, is returning to Fox this fall, according to Deadline. Keenan Ivory Wayans is expected to host and executive produce.

The show originally debuted in 1990 and ran for five seasons. It featured performances by rappers, a theme song by Heavy D. & The Boyz and a then-unknown Jennifer Lopez as one of the Fly Girls, the show’s in-house dancers.

Lopez's wasn't the only career the show helped launch. Presenting things from a hip-hop perspective -- and also lampooning rappers -- "In Living Color" provided a platform for comedians Jim Carrey and Jamie Foxx, and propelled Wayans and his brother Damon into bona fide Hollywood players.The Rap-Up hopes it can recapture its brilliance.

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