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This week in The Rap-Up: DMX gets popped for drugs once again, the Black Eyed Peas -- one of the genre’s biggest groups takes a indefinite break -- and Detroit rapper-producer Bronze Nazareth shines with the RZA -- read on for the weekly Rap-Up list.

DMX Caught With Drugs Behind Bars

DMX has long been tormented by drugs. His addiction to crack, among other things, has landed him behind bars before. Now the gravely voiced rapper will remain incarcerated in Arizona because he was caught with drugs while serving time in Yuma State Prison, according to reports.

Although he was supposed to be released July 13, the rapper was cited with drug possession while failing and refusing a drug test. X was in prison for refusing to undergo drug treatment, so this makes his extended stay even more disappointing. As was documented in his gripping and painful VH1 “Behind The Music” episode, DMX has been battling drug addiction since his teenage years.

The New Yorker was able to overcome his addictions in the late ’90s and become one of the best-selling rappers in the history of the genre -- as well a full-fledged movie star. Here’s to hoping that the prayers that closed his concerts and albums -- ones where he begged for help -- will finally be answered.

Black Eyed Peas To Take A “Break”

It may not be a full-fledged break-up, but the Black Eyed Peas are no longer going to be a group, at least for a while. BEP recently made the announcement while in London, but Fergie told fans that it is a break and not a break-up, something reiterated on twitter.

Of course, the feedback from fans regarding the Peas’ split has been mixed. Several outlets have lampooned the Los Angeles-based quartet. It’s true that Fergie,, Taboo and make easily accessible crossover music, but that hasn’t stopped Nas, The Game and others from working with as a producer.

Visionary gangster rap icon Eazy-E signed the Atban Klann, an early incarnation of the Peas, to his Ruthless Records back in the ’90s. Also, Mos Def, De La Soul and DJ Premier are among the respected rap figures to work with the Peas before they became a pop sensation. It’s easy to hate on those who succeed. It’s better to appreciate them for who they are.

From Shoalin To Detroit, Wu-Tang Affiliates Stay Busy

The Wu-Tang Clan drew heavily from soul samples and Asian influences when they emerged in the early ’90s. The New York-based outfit’s influence has spread worldwide. Detroit rapper-producer and Wu Elements member Bronze Nazareth has teamed with Wu-Tang mastermind RZA for “Fresh From The Morgue,” the lead release from Bronze’s second album, “School For The Blindman,” scheduled for a September 13 release.

Bronze has worked extensively with the RZA and Raekwon, and has the witty, unpredictable lyrical style that earned the Clan legions of fans and the impressive, dusty sonic production style that made the RZA one of the genre’s most in-demand beatsmiths. Detroit rap has exploded since Eminem and Slum Village broke through in the late ’90s. Bronze Nazareth is among the current generation of artists demonstrating that the Motor City has some of the best rap talent in the game.

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