The Hives

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The Hives Continue Buzz in U.S.

After performing two weekends at the Coachella festival in California, the Hives, the Swedish garage rockers, have announced plans for a brief North American tour in support of their fifth studio album, “Lex Hives,” slated to drop, on June 5.

The tour, which runs from June 19-30, is limited to cities east of Milwaukee and will also hit Boston, New York, Chicago, Washington, Montreal, Philadelphia, Toronto and Pontiac, Michigan. Tickets are on sale now through the Hives website. The Hives also have plans to return for a more extensive tour in the autumn.


Roll Out the Red Tongue

A Rolling Stones movie is in the works, according to Deadline Hollywood, which reported that billionaire Richard Branson and his film company, Virgin Produced, acquired the rights to adapt Robert Greenfield’s 2008 book “Exile On Main Street: A Season In Hell With The Rolling Stones” into a motion picture.

The biopic will trace the band back to 1971 and center on the rollercoaster relationship between Stones front man Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards, during the recording of their legendary double-disc “Exile On Main Street” in the south of France. A script is currently being written. More details as they come.


Jack White Takes on William Tell

Jack White is headed back to the lab, but it isn’t to start work on a follow-up album to his newly released solo debut “Blunderbuss.” According to Variety, the White Stripe will write and record the score to the Walt Disney/Jerry Bruckheimer film adaptation of “The Lone Ranger,” which is set to star Johnny Depp. This will be the first feature White has scored.

"Jack's an amazing songwriter with a unique style," Bruckheimer told Variety. "We're thrilled to hear his fresh take on the William Tell Overture."




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