Dungey sails over LaRoccos Leap at RedBud Garth Milan/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

A staple during the Fourth of July holiday week each and every year, the Red Bull RedBud National railed through Buchanan, Michigan, on Saturday, and thousands of avid motocross fans braved the heat and humidity as they watched Ryan Dungey take his fourth-straight victory aboard his Red Bull KTM.

With the 2012 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship series now at its halfway point, Dungey’s perfect 1-1 performance at RedBud further extended his points lead to 72 over Mike Alessi in second.

In the highly-competitive 250 class, the Red Bull KTM squad of Marvin Musquin and Ken Roczen attacked the RedBud circuit for their very first time, finishing the day in fourth and fifth place overall, respectively. Still searching for that elusive first outdoor win in the States, Roczen’s fifth-place effort was enough to continue hanging onto the tail end of a four-rider battle for the championship.

The women of the WMX series also returned to action at RedBud on Saturday, and after sitting out of the last round due to the lingering effects of a concussion, defending champ Ashley Fiolek swept both motos aboard her Red Bull-backed factory Honda. Fiolek’s much-needed win chipped away at the championship points lead currently held by series rival Jessica Patterson, and with three rounds still remaining in the WMX series, she and Red Bull teammate Tarah Gieger are still very much in the hunt.

nullGarth Milan/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

450 Moto 1

After grabbing the holeshot just ahead of James Stewart to kick off 450 moto number one, Dungey looked incredibly strong as he immediately began opening up a comfortable lead. Behind Dungey, JS7 went down on lap five while looking comfortable in the second spot, dropping to fourth while handing an even bigger lead to Dungey. Before making up any significant ground on the riders who had snuck by, Stewart stalled his bike on the very next lap and unfortunately dropped three more spots back to seventh. 

Out front, Dungey rode flawlessly, opening up a 45-second lead by the time he took the checkers with his seventh-straight moto win. Stewart eventually settled into sixth place late in the moto but was unable to make up enough ground to reel in the top-five before all was said and done.

450 Moto 2

Mike Alessi grabbed the holeshot to get things underway in 450 moto number two, but it didn’t take long for Dungey to make a move for the lead. Once out front, RD was absolutely flawless, motoring on to another dominant win -- his fourth-straight overall of the series.

Behind Dungey, Alessi held strong to collect second-place honors and Stewart crossed the line in third after coming from just outside of the top-ten early on. JS7’s 6-3 moto finishes were good for third overall on the day.

“I knew I wasn’t 100 percent coming into the race, but there’s no better way to get back up to pace then grinding it out at a National,” Stewart commented at the end of the day. “I want to win -- that’s no secret. But I also have to be realistic. Ryan’s riding really well, and I’ve only been on the bike four times since my crash at Thunder Valley. Today wasn’t perfect, but it’s a stepping stone, and I’m looking forward to next weekend.”

nullGarth Milan/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.
 1.  Ryan Dungey  1.  Ryan Dungey 1.  Ryan Dungey
 2.  Jake Weimer  2.  Mike Alessi 2.  Justin Brayton
 3.  Justin Brayton  3.  James Stewart 3.  James Stewart
 4.  Tyla Rattray  4.  Justin Brayton 4.  Tyla Rattray
 5.  Broc Tickle  5.  Tyla Rattray 5.  Mike Alessi
 6.  James Stewart  6.  Andrew Short 6.  Broc Tickle
 7.  Cole Thompson  7.  Josh Grant 7.  Cole Thompson
 8.  Robert Kiniry  8.  Cole Thompson 8.  Josh Grant
 9.  Josh Grant  9.  Broc Tickle 9.  Andrew Short
 10.  Michael Byrne 10.  Michael Byrne 10.  Jake Weimer

250 Moto 1

As the gate dropped for the first 250 moto of the day, Marvin Musquin rocketed down the start-straight to grab the holeshot and early lead. The top-four riders in the championship points chase filed in behind him, with Honda’s Justin Barcia leading the charge. Nipping at Barcia’s heals during the first few laps, Musquin’s Red Bull KTM teammate Ken Roczen moved into third but had his hands full with Eli Tomac and Blake Baggett in fourth and fifth, respectively.

After holding down the lead for the first two laps, Musquin was passed by a hard-charging Barcia and then had Roczen and Baggett to contend with as they battled it out close in tow. As the top five began spreading out late in the race, it was Barcia and Baggett who asserted themselves up front, leaving Roczen and Musquin to grind it out for third. At the wave of the checkers, a mere 1.5 seconds separated the teammates, with Roczen getting the upper hand heading into moto two.

nullGarth Milan/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

250 Moto 2

The second 250 moto looked much like the first, with Baggett and Barcia controlling the pace out front. Musquin passed his way into third early on and held the position for the majority of the moto before slipping to Tomac with two laps to go. After a mediocre start that left Roczen battling outside of the top-ten on the opening lap, the reigning MX2 World Champion put his head down and plucked off one rider at a time, en route to a somewhat disappointing sixth-place finish behind Wil Hahn in fifth.

 1.  Blake Baggett  1.  Blake Baggett 1.  Blake Baggett
 2.  Justin Barcia  2.  Justin Barcia 2.  Justin Barcia
 3.  Ken Roczen  3.  Eli Tomac 3.  Eli Tomac
 4.  Marvin Musquin  4.  Marvin Musquin 4.  Marvin Musquin
 5.  Eli Tomac  5.  Wil Hahn 5.  Ken Roczen
 6.  Wil Hahn  6.  Ken Roczen 6.  Wil Hahn
 7.  Blake Wharton  7.  Gareth Swanepoel 7.  Gareth Swanepoel
 8.  Kyle Peters  8.  Tommy Weeck 8.  Blake Wharton
 9.  Gareth Swanepoel  9.  Jessy Nelson 9.  Jessy Nelson
 10.  Jason Anderson 10.  Travis Baker 10.  Travis Baker

WMX Moto 1

Red Bull teammates Ashley Fiolek and Tarah Gieger jumped out to first and second-place starts, respectively, in WMX moto one, and immediately pulled a comfortable gap over the rest of the field. After missing the last WMX round at High Point due to concussion symptoms, Fiolek looked quick and in control aboard her factory Honda but had Gieger breathing down her neck for the bulk of the moto. Looking as though she may have been able to challenge for the lead during the middle section of the 15-minute race, Gieger eventually dropped off the pace slightly and cruised in for a second-place finish.

nullGarth Milan/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

WMX Moto 2

With the overall win still on the line, Gieger nailed the holeshot to start moto two and, despite pressure from Fiolek in second, looked very impressive as she led the first four laps of the race. Disaster struck for Gieger on lap five, however, as she made a mistake and hit the RedBud soil. Fiolek slipped by to take the moto and overall win, while Gieger was forced to settle for sixth (and third place overall).

 1.  Ashley Fiolek  1.  Ashley Fiolek 1.  Ashley Fiolek
 2.  Tarah Gieger  2.  Mariana Balbi 2.  Sara Petterson
 3.  Sara Petterson  3.  Kasie Creson 3.  Tarah Gieger
 4.  Jacqueline Strong  4.  Sara Petterson 4.  Kasie Creson
 5.  Kasie Creson  5.  Jacqueline Strong 5.  Jacqueline Strong
 6.  Alexah Pearson  6.  Tarah Gieger 6.  Mariana Balbi
 7.  Sarah Whitmore  7.  Alexah Pearson 7.  Alexah Pearson
 8.  Sade Allender  8.  Sarah Whitmore 8.  Sarah Whitmore
 9.  Brianna DeGray  9.  Sade Allender 9.  Sade Allender
 10.  Shelby Rolen 10.  Brianna DeGray 10.  Brianna DeGray

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