Dungey Dominated Thunder Valley with his first overall of 2012

Coming into Colorado’s Thunder Valley National, things couldn’t have looked better for James Stewart. Following his controversial mid-season team switch to Yoshimura Suzuki, Stewart proved his decision correct by winning every moto of the still young Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship series thus far.

However, bad luck in the form of a nasty spill early in Thunder Valley’s moto 1 not only ended Stewart’s chances of a perfect season, but also handed the points lead over to his series rival, Red Bull KTM’s Ryan Dungey.

Dungey dogged Stewart hard in the opening laps of the first moto, which meant he was in the perfect position to take things over once Stewart went down. And take things over he did; Dungey went 1-1 for a dominant first overall at Thunder Valley, taking home KTM’s first-ever National MX win in the process.

Read on for the full scoop on the Red Bull MX team from the 2012 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship series at Thunder Valley in Lakewood, Colorado… 

450 Moto 1

  • When the gate dropped for the first 450cc moto of the day, Stewart and Dungey fought their way up the steep Lakewood start straight next to one another, yet both riders missed the holeshot and were forced to work through a portion of the pack.
  • Neither Stewart nor Dungey wasted any time in making their way to the front, and by the end of lap one Stewart was already in third, while Dungey wasn’t far behind in fifth.
  • It took JS7 just one more lap to take over the lead from Tommy Hahn, and by the end of the second lap Stewart was once again dominating the field.
  • About halfway into the fourth lap, disaster struck for Stewart. As James floated down a fast step-down jump section on the hilly Thunder Valley course, a member of the media crossed the track just in front of a wide-open JS. The slight distraction was just enough to cause James to lose control as he barreled down the deeply-rutted downhill: Stewart and his RM-Z 450 got cross-rutted, throwing the pair to the ground.
  • James immediately attempted to remount and rejoin the race, but unfortunately the pain from his wrist was too much to bear, and he was forced to retire to the pits.
  • Up front, Dungey was riding a flawless race. He crossed the finish line in victory several seconds ahead of the rest of the field.
nullGarth Milan // Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

450 Moto 2

  • With no report of a broken hand or wrist following his crash, the Thunder Valley crowd anxiously awaited Stewart’s return to the starting line in the second moto. Unfortunately, Stewart was forced to make the tough decision to not start the race, as the pain from his damaged wrist was simply too much to take.
  • Dungey lined up toward the inside of the start hill, providing him a perfectly straight line to the first corner. He used the prime spot to his advantage, capturing the holeshot.
  • Dungey was able to cruise home to a relatively easy, unchallenged second moto victory (also his first-ever overall National MX win aboard a KTM).
  • Not only did Dungey walk away from Thunder Valley with a 1-1 overall victory, but he also took over the points lead from Stewart, and with it the red number plate.


 1.  Ryan Dungey  1.  Ryan Dungey 1.  Ryan Dungey
 2.  Jake Weimer  2.  Andrew Short 2.  Jake Weimer
 3.  Brett Metcalfe  3.  Broc Tickle 3.  Andrew Short 
 4.  Mike Alessi  4.  Jake Weimer 4.  Nico Izzi
 5.  Nico Izzi  5.  Nico Izzi 5.  Brett Metcalfe
 6.  Ryan Sipes  6.  Justin Brayton 6.  Mike Alessi
 7.  Andrew Short   7.  Michael Byrne 7.  Justin Brayton
 8.  Josh Grant  8.  Billy Laninovich 8.  Michael Byrne
 9.  Justin Brayton  9.  Mike Alessi 9.  Billy Laninovich
 10.  Kyle Chisholm 10.  Brett Metcalfe 10.  Kyle Chisholm

250 Moto 1

  • With a fierce Colorado storm approaching, the first 250cc moto was temporarily delayed. Intense winds, rain, and lightning deferred the program by nearly an hour, but the show went on once the weather cleared a bit.
  • The Moto 1 holeshot went to Honda’s Justin Barcia, but Red Bull KTM’s Ken Roczen immediately began applying pressure from the second spot.
  • After starting just outside the top-10, Red Bull KTM’s Marvin Musquin battled his way into fifth by lap three, and then set his sights on the top-three just a few seconds ahead.
  • Up front, Barcia and Roczen were commanding the moto, and Roczen was putting all of the pressure he could on rival Barcia to take over the top spot.
  • As Barcia and Roczen duked it out up front, a hard-charging Blake Baggett was making his way through the pack. On lap 12, Baggett passed Musquin for fourth, and with the fastest lap times of the moto, was soon applying pressure on both Roczen and Barcia.
  • Barcia and Roczen went on to hold their respective positions until the finish, though Baggett made it well known that he was the fastest man on the track and would be tough to beat in the second outing.
  • Behind the leaders, Musquin held strong to finish Moto 1 in the fifth spot.
nullGarth Milan // Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

250 Moto 2

  • Will Hahn and Ivan Tedesco fought for holsehot honors in Moto 2, with both Barcia and Roczen just behind.
  • By the end of lap one it was looking to be a repeat of the first moto, with Barcia and Roczen back in first and second to duke it out.
  • This time around, however, Baggett enjoyed a much better start than in the previous moto, allowing him to join the brawl by the third lap. Baggett’s position also came in part due to a mishap by Marvin Musquin, who slipped from third to fifth after a minor tip-over.
  • Unfortunately for Barcia and Roczen, Baggett’s pace was too much to match, and by lap seven Blake had gotten the best of both riders and taken over the lead.
  • Behind Baggett, Roczen and Barcia continued their own battle for second, with Roczen passing Barcia for the spot on lap nine.
  • As the moto wore on, Roczen eventually made a mistake just a lap from the checkered flag that would cost him two positions, dropping the world’s fastest German MXer to fourth, where he would remain to the finish.
  • Musquin followed Ken across the line in the fifth spot.
  • Roczen’s strong 2-4 moto finishes placed him in third overall for the day, while Musquin went 5-5 for fifth.
 1.  Justin Barcia  1.  Blake Baggett 1.  Justin Barcia
 2.  Ken Roczen  2.  Justin Barcia 2.  Blake Baggett
 3.  Blake Baggett  3.  Eli Tomac 3.  Ken Roczen
 4.  Eli Tomac  4.  Ken Roczen 4.  Eli Tomac
 5.  Marvin Musquin  5.  Marvin Musquin 5.  Marvin Musquin
 6.  Blake Wharton  6.  Malcom Stewart 6.  Malcom Stewart
 7.  Jake Canada  7.  Wil Hahn 7.  Blake Wharton
 8.  Malcom Stewart  8.  Ivan Tedesco 8.  Wil Hahn
 9.  Kyle Cunningham  9.  Blake Wharton 9.  Kyle Cunningham
 10.  Wil Hahn 10.  Kyle Cunningham 10.  Jake Canada

WMX Moto 1

  • The women of the WMX series kicked off the racing program at Thunder Valley at just after 12:15 p.m. local time, and it was reigning National Champion Ashley Fiolek aboard her Red Bull-backed factory Honda who grabbed the holeshot and early lead.
  • Though passed early on lap one by series rival Jessica Patterson, Fiolek wasn’t giving up easy, applying pressure to Patterson from the get-go.
  • Fiolek and Patterson opened up a huge lead on the rest of their competition while they waged war on one another. Fiolek’s Red Bull teammate Tarah Gieger quietly held down the third and final podium spot.
nullGarth Milan // Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

WMX Moto 2

  • Just as she did in the first moto, Fiolek rocketed to the top of the Thunder Valley start hill in the number-one position.
  • Instead of series rival Patterson applying pressure from the start, this time around it was Tarah Gieger who was in second and pressuring Fiolek on the extremely rough track.
  • Just when it looked like Fiolek might run away with a fairly easy moto victory, Ashley went down hard and rejoined the race outside of the top-10.
  • Meanwhile, TLD Honda Red Bull’s Gieger inherited the lead, and did her best to fend off charges from Patterson.
  • Midway through the race, on lap four, Patterson made her move and took the lead.
  • Tarah held on for second place and second overall at the finish line, while Fiolek worked her way through as much of the pack as possible to finish sixth in the moto and third on the day.
 1.  Jessica Patterson  1.  Jessica Patterson 1.  Jessica Patterson
 2.  Ashley Fiolek  2.  Tarah Gieger 2.  Tarah Gieger
 3.  Tarah Gieger  3.  Sayaka Kaneshiro 3.  Ashley Fiolek
 4.  Jacqueline Strong  4.  Mariana Balbi 4.  Sayaka Kaneshiro
 5.  Sara Pettersson  5.  Jacqueline Strong 5.  Jacqueline Strong
 6.  Manana Balbi  6.  Ashley Fiolek 6.  Mariana Balbi
 7.  Sayaka Kaneshiro  7.  Sara Pettersson 7.  Sara Pettersson
 8.  Alexah Pearson  8.  Kasie Creson 8.  Alexah Pearson
 9.  Christina Reed  9.  Sade Allender 9.  Sade Allender
 10.  Brianna DeGray 10.  Amanda Brown 10.  Amanda Brown

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