After two and half months of hard work, BMX pro rider and ramp builder Nate Wessel of Wessel Built LLC and his crew have finished the construction of a one-of–a-kind custom BMX “Super Park” in the backyard of Travis Pastrana’s house in Davidsonville, Maryland.

What started out as a dream phone call to Wessel, is now a reality:

“I guess the first thing I thought was ‘holy crap,’ I can’t believe Travis Pastrana is calling me. Travis could call anyone in the world to build his spot and he is calling me. I thought I was dreaming at first then my second thought was, I AM dreaming, this is wild, I’m going to dream up a bunch of sweet stuff for Travis and his crew to shred on.”

According to Wessel, the idea came to Pastrana to have this insane and unique ramp designed, after he did well in the X Games last year. His idea was to get his cousin and fellow Nitro Circus cast member Special Greg into the X Games.

"Travis wants Special Greg to get into BMX Big Air at the X Games, and he bet me $100 that he's going to have a medal in two years," said Wessel. Travis also has his own ambitions for building this ‘Super Park.’”

“Travis just likes doing anything that is fun. He rides BMX and mountain bikes mostly for fun but at the same time it gives him a better understanding of things that could be possible on a dirt bike. Instead of hitting the gym 24/7, he likes getting a work out riding. I don’t think that Travis will be competing any time soon in BMX at the X Games or anything, but I do know that he loves BMX and wants to get better at riding,” added Wessel.

He rides BMX and mountain bikes mostly for fun but at the same time it gives him a better understanding of things that could be possible on a dirt bike.

Getting better at riding BMX, Motocross, Mountain bikes or whatever random objects, Travis and the Nitro Circus crew intend to huck on these ramps, should be no problem with this state-of-the-art, custom course designed by Wessel.

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Complete with custom rhythm sections and a variety of hips, spines and quarters, this course is specifically unique because it has a big air jump and a mega quarter pipe built right into it. These types of ramps can only be found at the X Games, Camp Woodward and skateboarder, Bob Burquist’s backyard.

When confronted about the specific dimensions of the big air and quarterpipe ramps, Wessel commented, “The dimensions are super top secret, I can’t tell anyone, not even Travis. Just kidding, ha-ha, it's no secret but it's definitely different then anything that exist right now. I used my own formula and more than anything, it’s a tribute to the legends that made a jump and quarterpipe like this possible.”

It is thought that the concept for the big air jump was originally conceived by Colin Winklemann from his 2000 Guinness World Record jump over 13 Ford Expeditions in Malibu, California. Wessel went on to say, “Colin Winklemann was one of the first BMXers on the planet to take distance jumping to the next level. When pictures came out of him jumping those cars and boat, motocross dudes thought it was Photoshopped. Same when Mat Hoffman did a 23ft air on a 21ft quarterpipe. So, straight up this gap jump and quarterpipe are tributes to two people I have always looked up to as riders and friends. If you want to know dimensions, just ask me in person I will tell you, unless I forget from one of my many concussions I've had.” 

Wessel even went as far to customize Pastrana’s “Super Park” by building a resi-type, angled landing for two of the quarterpipe’s. This angled landing will help Travis and his crew to learn how to air quarterpipe’s faster and safer! This is similar to the angle of a resi-landing on a vert ramp at Woodward but without the resi.  

When the snow melts, Wessel and Pastrana are all ready planning on building some more unique stuff. “There are definitely future plans for this ramp, we are already planning something for the spring and it’s outrageous, something very specific just for Travis. If we do it, look out world, cause your about to see some truly amazing stuff!” said Wessel.

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