We certainly hope that you managed to survive the first day of X Games 16 because that was just the beginning. The tip, if you will. That means there is plenty more to come. Day 2 is packed with more zest than Tapatio lubricated nachos. Fortunately, once you get through morning traffic there isn’t much driving to do for your action packed Friday. Just as the sun starts peeking through the overcast cloudiness, you’ll be able to catch the Skateboard Park Elimination on the Event Deck at LA Live. Ryan Sheckler and his cohorts are planning to tear up some very abused ramps, rails, and ledges in the skate park. Kind of makes those stand still pop shove-its that you do in your driveway look stupid, doesn’t it? No worries. We’re pretty sure that nobody knows who you are under that oversized helmet anyway.

If wooden decks clicking, metal trucks grinding, and huge drop-ins are your savvy then you might just want to stick around the entire day since the rest of the day is filled with vert ramp skate action at the Nokia Theater, which confusingly is inside LA Live that’s across the street from Staples Center. Had to cram that all in there since, you know, we’re short on space here in California.

The Women’s Finals start early afternoon and believe us, this’ll be way more entertaining than the WNBA. Later in the evening, you can catch Shaun White duke it out with the other vert junkies for the gold. Nowadays, a backside kickflip varial mute grab won’t even get you close to the bronze. Skating and the day of events will end with the Vert Best Trick Finals. Again, if you haven’t been paying attention for the past decade or so, a McTwist isn’t going to cut it. You know that special code you put in your PlayStation so you can bust out all the tricks on Tony Hawk? That’s what these competitors have to do in order get the judges amped. You probably think you’ve seen it all, but the best is yet to come.

Nowadays, a backside kickflip varial mute grab won’t even get you close to the bronze.

BMXers still get some love on Day 2, but not nearly as much as the skaters. What up with that? With so much stuff going on, be thankful that you’re in downtown LA’s version of the Bermuda Triangle. Just after noon the BMX Freestyle Street Elimination will keep you on the edge of your bleacher seat or whatever you happen to be plopping your ass on at the time. We’re still trying to figure out how to bunny hop or if it’s even called a bunny hop anymore.

This is probably what you want to tune into because it’s not often that you’ll see dudes like Corey Martinez pull off these tricks on the street. It isn’t that they can’t, but when was the last time you saw it in person? Thought so.  Not far behind will be the BMX Freestyle Vert Finals, where these top athletes start defying gravity. Yeah, the skateboards on the vert ramp were difficult so imagine trying to do those tricks on a bike. Let us know when you’re done.

Day 2 looks to be heavy with Moto X. You’ll need to somehow make your way over to Staples Center, which we already explained to you where it is in relation to LA Live and the Nokia Theater. It’s where the Lakers, Clippers, Kings, and Sparks play their respective sports and you can see it from the freeway provided that you don’t make the mistake of passing it off as the biggest Staples store you’ve ever seen in your life. If you’re still confused, then just listen for the sound of high-pitched engines revving and follow them.  

A few years back, Ronnie Renner set the world’s record on the Moto X Step Up. To way simplify what the Step Up actually is, it’s the Moto X version of the high jump. Not exactly something that you’d want to attempt on your driveway so don’t even think about it. Now the Moto X Best Whip Finals is one of the freakiest events in existence. Moto X riders gather speed, launch off of a ramp then do the sickest sideways tweak mid air before straightening out and landing on another ramp. Trying to picture that in your head without viewing it in person isn’t even worth the effort.

It truly is a must-see event, but so is the Moto X Best Trick Finals. We’ve been talking about skateboard and BMX tricks, now multiply those by 100 when it comes to the danger level of Moto X. With America’s new health care plan in the works, Moto X riders should try to take full advantage before they’re denied and have to figure how to stitch themselves up and re-set their own broken appendages.

Your day should end with you being dehydrated and tired, but it was all worth it. To think, there are still two more days left of X Games 16.

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