Robbie Maddison scores an X Games 16 Silver Medal for Moto X Best Trick, in front of a sold-out Staples Center crowd.

In what was arguably the most highly anticipated event at X Games 16 this year, the Moto X Best Trick final offered up some of the biggest, most dangerous tricks in the business, and Red Bull’s Robbie Maddison would not disappoint in front of a sold out Staples Center crowd. Up against a stellar field of competitors, Maddo threw caution to the wind as he sidelined his flagship body varial and upped the ante with a body varial to sidesaddle lander en route to an impressive silver medal finish! 

In run number one of two, the always likeable Aussie stomped a body varial off of the 85-foot kicker to take the early lead. Cameron Sinclair would answer right back with an impressively-clean double backflip, however, and the competition was officially on!

For his final run, Maddo would once again roll into the 85-footer, but this time delivered innovation at its finest into the X Games history books by pulling off the first-ever body varial to sidesaddle lander. With the screaming crowd on their feet, Maddison celebrated as his score of 93.66 dropped, but unfortunately it was not quite enough to edge out newcomer Sinclair’s 94.33. 

Big congrats to Maddo for coming back strong after a gnarly crash in yesterday’s Moto X Freestyle final.

Download the exclusive X Games 16 Robbie Maddison wallpaper now.


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