Watch a new generation of surfers tackle monster waves in "Red Bull Young Jaws" on FUEL TV, starting Thursday, August 12.

Thursday nights are usually boring, so why not plop down on your couch and tune into Fuel TV. Because starting Thursday, August 12, on Surf Spot, FUEL TV will showcase "Insane Cinema: Red Bull Young Jaws.”

Ian Walsh, a newer generation big wave surfer, is followed during a three-day swell among the carnage and chaos that is “Jaws.” Red Bull Young Jaws includes surfers pushing the limits on death-defying monster waves. Appearances include 19-year old Billy Kemper and 24-year old Luke Walsh.

Check out the schedule to make sure you don't miss anything:

"Insane Cinema: Red Bull Young Jaws" Air Dates:

Thursday - 8/12/2010: 8:30 PM ET/ 5:30 PM PT

Thursday - 8/12/2010: 11:30 PM ET/ 8:30 PM PT

Saturday - 8/14/2010: 10:30 AM ET/ 7:30 AM PT

Thursday - 8/19/2010: 6:00 PM ET/ 3:00 PM PT

Sunday - 8/22/2010: 9:00 PM ET/ 6:00 PM PT

Thursday - 8/26/2010: 6:00 PM ET/ 3:00 PM PT

Monday - 8/30/2010: 2:30 PM ET/ 11:30 AM PT

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