Come out to Sandy Beach and watch the best surfers in Hawaii go head-to-head to win bragging rights and the other teams' boards.

To keep things fair, the showdown will again be held on the Eastside of Oahu at Sandy Beach (neutral territory).

Teams will battle it out for:

  • Each others' surfboards (used that day) instead of a traditional purse (similar to racing for pink slips)
  • The ultimate surfing bragging rights

Each team will have 10 surfers and must have at least one girl and two groms (17 or under).

A best of 5 “Roshambull” (Rock, Paper, Scissors) will determine honors (who surfs first.)

  • Honored surfer will choose who surfs first
  • Surfers will battle head-to-head in 20 ten-minute heats. Judges will determine who surfed the best and noted shore will receive a point
  • There will be a “halftime” after the 10th heat to let each team re-group and strategize

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