Play Megalithic Mayhem Online

Not content with attacking the airwaves, AWOLNation are taking it to the next level with their latest endeavour, Megalithic Mayhem, an online game that puts you right in the center of the action.

The Aaron Bruno-fronted band have teamed up with Pod Digital Design to give fans the chance to battle creatures featured in their latest video for the single "Not Your Fault."

You can play as Aaron with his unique powers of vocals and lightning or Dave with his powers of bass and bat. As you advance to higher levels in the game, players will receive codes to unlock and activate other character members of the band: keyboardist/guitarist Kenny, drummer Hayden and guitarist Christopher.

Three different interactive scenes include the Arctic battling abominable snowmen, on the beach fighting creatures from the black lagoon and on the moon pitted against aliens and spaceships.

Also available for iPhone and Android.


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