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In a team of insanely talented, but also just plain insane Red Bull Air Force athletes, Andy Farrington may be the craziest of all. "When there's a potentially sketchy jump and some of the other guys are trying to figure out whether it's worth a try, I'll definitely give 'er a go," the 29-year-old says. "Of course," he smiles, "I try to make it look easy, too." Andy has completed more than 14,000 skydives and 200 B.A.S.E. jumps.

Although an envelope-buster in the air, on the ground Andy is as laid back as they come. Perhaps the athlete's easy nature comes from the knowledge that he's already conquered one of the worst hands life can deal: cancer.  "Someday I'd like to try ski-B.A.S.E.-ing, a ski run that launches into a full-flight B.A.S.E. jump," Andy comments. With a shrug, he states, "Hey, I've only got one kidney, but what else am I going to do.. shut myself in a padded cell?"