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Pedro Barros is one of the biggest names in Brazilian skateboarding, already earmarked by pundits as the next Sandro Dias or Bob Burnquist.

That’s a tall order for a teenager, but Pedro has impressed many with his versatility. His strength on the halfpipe is equaled by his mastery of the bowl – he even has one in his backyard in his home at Florianopolis, Brazil – and he’s no slouch on a surfboard either.

Currently the 540 is his strongest move, but Pedro says he wants to be a complete skateboarder – a desire he proved when he took second in the Red Bull Crossover, a competition gathering some of the top inline skaters, BMX bikers and skateboarders in Brazil. Oh, and he beat hero Sandro Dias in the process.

Taking gold at X Games Skateboard Park at the start of 2010 – beating veteran Andy MacDonald in the process – gave Pedro the star status he deserves. A stunning combination of 540 airs and grinding slides on the elaborate Los Angeles course at the L.A. Live complex saw Pedro score a massive 86 out of 100 points. A true hero for the new generation, Pedro had already picked up two medals in the X Games competition as an amateur in 2008 and 2009.

An all-round skateboarder, Pedro is a technical demon on vert, mega ramp and wipes out the competition when it comes to the bowl – watch out for big things from the boy from Brazil.