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One of the most recognizable names in women's motocross, Tarah Gieger's success can be measured in podiums. Since her pro debut in 2003, Tarah, 23, has won at every major contest and, in 2008, took home the gold medal at the X Games, the very first Women's Moto X event. Her dedication, though, is measured in bones. Broken ones.

Tarah's bounced back from nearly catastrophic injuries so many times it's unlikely that there's much that could keep her down at this point. Which is good. Because though shes sparked a phenomenon and blown open the doors of motocross' boys club, she intends to be the phenomenon: "My goal is to win everything I enter," Tarah says. ?I am not going to be satisfied until I dominate the sport of women's motocross."

In 2009, the quest continues. She's looking to win the WMA title, and another X Games gold. She's also got her sights set abroad to the women's race series in Europe. Factory teams and more prestige have elevated women's racing abroad and Tarah is looking to bring that dynamic home. Though a world championship is definitely on her wish list too.

But when you break it all down, Tarah has made a difference because she is different. "I don't look at what other girls do or have done to decide what I can do," she explains. "I look at what the guys are doing and decide what I can do."