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Felix Laband | The King is back


Felix Laband has of late re-emerged from somewhat of a musical hiatus. After releasing his critically acclaimed "Dark Days Exit" on Compost Records over six years ago, it seems he dropped off the map. But last year saw the artist, who many believe to be the quintessential South African Electronica musician, returned with key performances in Cape Town and Joburg, most notably on the Red Bull Studio Live Stage at Rocking the Daisies, a set that was undoubtedly a highlight for many festival goers.

Living in Joburg over the past few years, he returned to the Mother City where arguably his music career really took off, a couple of weeks back to knuckle down and get some serious work done. In that time he arranged Studio A to best suit his creative needs, positioning himself inside of a circle of guitars, synthesisers, the mixing desk and speakers to work on his eagerly awaited fourth album.

It was an honour to have one of the Red Bull Studio team's hero's making such amazing music and if what was heard played muffled through the walls is anything to go by, we reckon the King is back.


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