Giniel de Villiers Stage 13 Dakar 2012 2 Giniel de Villiers on Stage 13 of the 2012 Dakar ©Marcelo Maragni/Red Bull Content Pool

Giniel de Villiers once again proved that when the going gets tough the South African driver gets tougher…

I’m sitting here with a big smile on my face after another great day’s racing but I can’t help feeling a bit sorry for my team-mate Vossy (Duncan Vos). I’ve just had a word with him and he was really in the wars today. He got stuck in a bowl and he nearly got clattered by a truck, really mean stuff! But at least he’s here now so that’s a good thing.

All the things happening to Vossy just show you how well built our Toyota Hilux is, it can get a little bit smashed up but it stays in one piece. It’s always stays running with all four wheels pointing forward so it’s proved to be a pretty strong machine.

'Tomorrow is all about finishing up the great job this team has allowed us to do'

For Dirk and myself we enjoyed another very beautiful stage with just the right degree of difficulty about it. That’s what I think a Dakar stage should be like. It was tough but that’s what we expect to find at this race. We also got stuck and I think Stephane (Peterhansel) was the only guy who didn’t get trapped today. Our little mishap only ended up costing us about six minutes so we can accept a setback like that.

You definitely needed your wits about you to make it through some of the sections on this stage. We were crossing the dunes over this soft sand. The place we were got stuck we saw Nani (Roma) was also having some difficulty there as well. Then further on we reached a waypoint that showed up an error in the roadbook but we managed to find it okay in the end. We were driving around in circles for about four five minutes trying to find it. There were a few guys also having a problem there but we found it first before all of them.

After that we lead the way and were still the first car at the finish of the stage. It was a nice feeling to be leading the pack again. Now tomorrow is all about finishing up the great job this team has allowed us to do so far at this race.

Keep tabs on Giniel’s 2012 Dakar Rally on Red Bull’s dedicated desert classic website.

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