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It has been an incredible three days worth of surfing at Supertubes in Jeffreys Bay. The waves have been phenomenal, so good in fact that some people are calling it the best ASP event in the history of the sport. While that might be hyperbolic, the waves have been incredible.

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It’s not often that a three-day swell of such epic proportions lands within an ASP event window, and it’s just so unique that this event was a 6 star ASP event as opposed to a WCT event, meaning that so many of the South Africans got their chance to enter.

Obviously all eyes have been on two times and defending champion Jordy. He is a total master at Supertubes and he hasn’t been letting anyone down this year. Some of his heats have been a bit slow, and he has waited till towards the end of some heats to make his move, but he has made those moves and has advanced all the way through to the round of 16, set to get underway within the next three days.
Yesterday’s performance by Jordy included a 10-point ride, a rare occurrence in professional surfing on normal occasions, yet there were an incredible four 10-point rides in the amazing surfing that took place yesterday. Jordy’s ride included a few cracks on the outside, some big and smooth carving moves down the inside track, and two good tube rides as he rode the wave all the way to the gulley.

“I was waiting for that wave,” said Jordy back on the beach after his heat, when the scores had been announced. “I wanted my chance to blow up and I was ready for that wave. I got a few nice turns in on the outside before the wave set up for that inside barrel section. This has been a great event and it’s just so good that the South Africans can all get a chance to compete at one of the best locations in the world.”

Jordy has also been enjoying the feverish support from the locals in the grandstand. Yesterday, as he took to the water, the vuvuzelas came out. It was the vuvuzelas that cheered and supported Jordy through his previous two event victories, and the crowd thought that it was time to bust them out. “The crowd support is always amazing,” said Jordy Smith. “I can hear everyone cheering and whistling, even when I take off on a small wave.”

Unfortunatly Jorday was since knocked out on the final day.


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