The US Open of Surfing is really just a precursor to the Billabong Pro Tahiti, yet it is a massive and vital event on the international calendar. While it doesn’t offer the same sort of points and prize money as a WCT event, it is one of the most important events in terms of status and exposure. It is without a doubt one of the most well attended surfing events, if not the most attended surf event of the year.

With the small beachbreak surf of the world-famous Huntington Beach suited to small-wave wizardry, the event saw all of the aerial stars pulling out their best moves in the shorebreak, with all sorts of airs, grabs and shuv-its commonplace as well as the new flips and mcTwists and the rest of the new moves being performed.


Jordy loves this sort of surfing. It’s in his genes from growing up in Durban and the small and punchy beachbreak waves of his hometown. These days he keeps abreast of all the new moves whilst surfing at the peaky Llandudno in the Cape, but either way, when it comes to the new moves he owns them.

Jordy blasted his way through a couple of heats in the event but was eventually ousted by the highflying Brazilians Miquel Pupo and Filipe Toledo. The Brazilians are well versed in small wave surfing, growing up on the tiny beachbreak waves that predominate the majority of Brazilian surf spots and they took to the skies in this encounter, leaving Jordy in third place in front of fourth-placed WCT surfer Bede Durbidge.

The next event is one of the most dramatic events of the year. The Billabong Pro, Teahupo’o, Tahiti was the highlight of the tour last year and included the incredible ‘Code Red’ session when the best big wave surfers had a charge at maxed out Teahupo’o. It was in the actual event that Jordy suffered a serious rib injury that saw him being beaten by fellow countryman Travis Logie, but more importantly sidelined for the next 3 events of the year. Jordy’s surfing at big Teahupo’o was impressive; with his wipeout wave a big backdoor barrel that rode for ages before getting clipped and hitting his board. It was a turning point for Jordy as well as Travis. Both of them silenced any possible critics that have harbored thoughts of the South Africans not being able to pull it off when the surf gets big and serious, with both surfers totally charging on the big sets and both surfers ready to put their lives on the line to achieve a good result.


Jordy, as well as Travis, both go into this event with loads of respect. If it gets massive again they will both charge and impress the judges as well as the ever so critical spectators and fans. This event could easily be the turning point in the years’ results so far for Jordy.


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