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Manuals are one of the simplest aspects of skating to start, but one of the hardest to master. A board and shoes are important, but pavement is vital. If you want to progress at all, practice is mandatory, but WHERE you skate can be one of the biggest challenges. What with cops, private security and concerned citizens of varying intensities coming down on you simply for putting wheels to ground, any location other than a park can be a downright mission.

WHERE you skate can be one of the biggest challenges.

Despite the difficulties of crime and enthusiasm from the authorities in ending your session, there are spots around SA where you can get some ride time.

In Durban, the city’s golden mile is mellow. There’s a free park and all the renovations done for the World Cup have resulted in ledges aplenty. The areas surrounding the ICC and the new stadium are begging to be sessioned, but that might require somewhat more stealth. What is undeniably legend is the infamous handrail at 1 Ballito Drive. No-one, to our knowledge, has successfully tamed it. Do it and you’re an instant hero. Just make sure you get the footage to us first.

No-one, to our knowledge, has successfully tamed it.

If you’re in Cape Town, there are some spots as sweet as Mother City milk. The Sea Point promenade and Thibault Square offer decent real estate to work with, but be warned, ‘the man’ doesn’t take too kindly to urethane combined with concrete. H Street (aka the Civic Centre orange statue) is one of the top options in the city bowl, or if you’re feeling adventurous there’s Company Gardens, which is green and mean.

Johannesburg can be hit and miss. There’s the ledges by the Market Theatre or if you’re in Pretoria you ‘give it horns’ on Ox Street. But it’s a big place with a lot of concrete. You’ll find something.

These are all commonly known spots by both skaters (and the authorities), but if you’ve got a spot you don’t mind sharing, send it our way. Just check with whoever else skates there. We wouldn’t want you blowing up a secret spot. Better yet, if you know of an amazing place that’s truly inaccessible but really should be skated, send it our way...we know people who know people.

If you’ve got a spot to share, email it to Manny Mania or send us a twitpic to @RedBullZA on Twitter and include the hashtag (#MannyManiaZA).


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