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This is Red Bull Illume in the words of professionals and fans from the world of sports photography: photo editors, category winners, attendees and contest judges.

This is the most incredible collection I have ever seen assembled in one place and is one of the most phenomenal experiences I have had in my 17 years of photo editing.
Anne Telford, Photo Editor of Communication Arts, Illume Contest Judge 2007

The actual event itself was something that has to be seen to be believed it is without doubt the best exhibition I have ever been to and was probably the most professionally put together judging process as well. I cannot thank you enough for making my week in Aspen a real week to remember. I was truly honoured to have been a part of it all.
Paul Sanders, The Times, UK, Illume Contest Judge 2007 and 2010

It’s overwhelming. By far the biggest meeting of photographic minds I have ever witnessed.
Pete Taras, Photo Editor of Transworld SURF, Illume Contest Judge 2007 and 2010

The local commentary and feedback on Illume has been overwhelming. There have been letters to the editor in our local paper about how much everyone loved the exhibit. Thanks for making it happen here and giving us the opportunity as a host!
Deric Gunshor, Director of Marketing and Events, Aspen Ski Company

I just went to the Huntington Beach Red Bull Illume display and I was blown away. Being an avid follower of action sports and having got into photography over the last two years, many of the displays sent tingles down my spine and drew up more raw emotion that I thought possible. Whether it was the angle of the shot or the craziness of the athlete, I could appreciate many of those shots on so many different levels because I know how hard it is to whip a downhill mountain bike over a jump or to pull off anything on a snowboard and I know how much time and practice it takes to get that 'one' shot. It was just great. Thanks for doing such a great job on the presentation and I wish you luck in the future and hope to see more of these displays. Keep up the good work.
Derek Egbert (Huntington Beach Exhibition Attendee)

I have just got back from viewing the pictures at the Huntington Beach Pier. Awesome is too shallow a word to describe the experience. I work as a printer and have seen millions of photos and artwork in my various print jobs and have yet to see a collection of photos with such definitions and composition as the ones you have selected. Thank you. I hope everyone appreciated them as much as I do. I hope to see them several more times before they leave Huntington Beach. Thank You.
David Peavy (Huntington Beach Attendee)

Lots of companies make tons of money, but Red Bull does great things with theirs.
Huntington Beach Attendee

Red Bull Illume was the finest photo contest I have ever entered. I felt like a rock star with a five-star hotel, an airline ticket and a red carpet on top of a snowy mountain. It was AMAZING in every way. The exhibit was visually and aesthetically astounding. Plus, the contest was easy to register and submit. I will continue to enter the contest and hope to win again and again.
Dawn Kish, freelance photographer, winner 2007, close up category

These are truly incredible images, I was floored, it will be amazing to see them as a collection.
Nick Hamilton, Director of Photography at Transworld Snowboarding, Judge 2010

’Staggered’ is the word that comes to mind when considering the quality of images in Red Bull Illume 2010. As a judge I was staggered by the quality, staggered at the variety and staggered by the creativity. I spend my professional life immersed in action based images and this year’s entries to Red Bull Illume are without doubt the very cream of the world’s best action images. I was amazed at the quality and vision of the competition. I am prepared to be blown away by the next batch of entries because now everyone knows the value of being involved and the value of winning. I am honoured to be involved.
Steve Dickinson, Director of Photography at Adventure Magazine, Judge 2010


null © Espen Lystad / Red Bull Illume 2007


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