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It may have been raining outside but indoors at the Red Bull Music Academy Porto Hub things were hotting up as A Guy Called Gerald made a very special appearance...

Yesterday, a heavy rain fell relentlessly over Porto and kept many of the Academy attendees indoors. However, while it was cold and damp outside, it was warm inside as the Academy welcomed the arrival of a new group of participants, including electronic music icon A Guy Called Gerald. His delightful lecture - directed by Emma Warren - was a journey through the life and music of this British producer and DJ and described the unique techniques that helped create incredible tracks like "Voodoo Ray".

We’ll never get tired of the Reactable, even in a redux version with a new cut by DJ Charles. The Spaniard was more of a professor than a musician and everyone who played with the impressive instrument was completely awestruck. The overall opinion from the people who got to play with the Reactable was the machine's ability to turn everyone into children in a playground.

Afterwards, everyone slipped into party mode and headed to under-the-arches club, GareClube. Santo Ovídeo Grime took care of DJing duties and, even though their name points to a specific style, they played dubstep, upbeat, breakcore and badass hip-hop - although they didn't try to hide their genre origins either.

Without stops or delays, A Guy Called Gerald took over the sound system and his calm demeanour filled the space as he showed us the reasons why house and techno were born.

Next up at the Red Bull Music Academy, musical pedagogue, novelist and story-teller Eurico Cebolo will be overseeing the first lecture. DâM-FunK, known as the Boogie Funk ambassador, will conduct the second lecture. The participants will then gather at Residential M. DâM-FunK's rhythms will later fill Indústria club, along with The Shine and DJ Ride, at the farewell party of the Red Bull Music Academy - Porto Hub. 

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