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World champion Sebastian Vettel is glad to be back behind the wheel as F1 testing begins for all the teams at a wintry Jerez, Spain. As he tells us in his first blog of 2012, finding his own nickname for the new RB8 is not the least of his concerns!

Hello from Jerez!

Finally, we are back! We have spent the last few days and weeks in a state of constant excitement, knowing that, deep down, we all wanted the same: getting back in the car and onto the track.

Obviously we enjoyed our break and used it to have a well-deserved holiday, but let's face facts – we all couldn't wait to get back to work. When I sat down in the new car for the first time, I had the most amazing feeling – it was like coming home after a really long trip.

My first impressions of our new RB8 are extremely positive, despite the fact that we now have to "get to know each other". With all the excitement and good vibes, we shouldn't forget the fact that we're currently at the beginning.

'The conditions in Jerez are very unusual'

It's all about trying out different stuff and getting a good feeling in the new car. The thing we probably focus the most on is definitely the speed. I think it's always possible to make a fast car more reliable, but I'm not sure if you can make a reliable car faster.

Also, the conditions in Jerez are very unusual ones. We're still used to the warm temperatures from last year and therefore have to work things out with the cold over here. In addition to that, the track is still slick so we have to be a bit careful. After all, the car hasn’t had that many spare parts until now, so we’re trying not to go over the top with the RB8.

Another important thing is to not get worried too soon. It's totally normal to have small problems, after all, that's what these testing days are for. For instance, we had a small technical problem today, but were able to fix it again. To be on the safe side, we changed the engine, but as I said, I’d rather have those problems now than later during a race. 

nullNew physio Heikki Huovinen joins Seb in the Red Bull garage (© Getty Images)

A thing we're still working on is finding the right name for our new car. We already have a lot of ideas and recommendations, but luckily we have plenty of time until we have to decide. I'm sure we'll find an amazing name that everyone will like.

But not only is the car new, but so is my physiotherapist, Heikki Huovinen. Some of you already know that Tommi [Pärmakoski] won't be with us during this year. To the outside it may have come as a surprise, but on the inside, we had known for a while.

My relationship with Tommi is amazing and he will truly be missed during the season, but despite that, we have to carry on. We all want Tommi to be very happy with his new job and we know that we will always stay in touch. No matter what, he will always remain a part of our family.

I'll write to you again from Barcelona!



nullWhat will Seb call his new car? (© Getty Images)

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