Red Bull Ragnarok Gali Anikeyev/Red Bull Photofiles

Local favourites claimed top spots when this year’s Red Bull Ragnarok took place on the icy mountain plains of Norway. Bjørn Kaupang and Sigve Botnen won the men’s ski and snowboard classes. While Swedish femme fatale Madeleine Rapp claimed first place in the women’s mixed class.

220 of the world’s best kite riders went head to head in the epic Norse battle that is Red Bull Ragnarok. The conditions were difficult with unstable wins and heavy snow causing problems for the riders.

- This was a hard fought victory. The winds made it difficult today and I used a lot of energy keeping my speed. It feels great to win, said Bjørn Kaupang, winner of the men’s ski class.

Kite riders from 25 countries went through a 12 kilometer course, five times. On home soil the Norwegians proved hard to beat, even though the competition was fierce.

- We got nothing for free today and we had to fight all the way in. I’m well pleased with my victory, said Sigve Botnen, winner of the men’s snowboard class.

Producing ever changing winds and weather the mountain plateau, Hardangervidda, was in a mischievous mood Saturday. Sun, rain, clouds, wind and hardly any wind – Hardangervidda gave the athletes a bit of everything.

- This was a very demanding competition for the athletes. With wind conditions like this, many of the riders grew tired. But Red Bull Ragnarok isn’t supposed to be easy, said Remi Meum, event organiser for Red Bull Norway.

Red Bull Ragnarok is an endurance based competition where the riders race on skis or snowboards, while being pulled by a kite. The riders go through a 12 kilometre long course five times. The first to cross the finish line wins. The men’s class is divided into ski and snowboard, while the women compete in a mixed class.

Bjørn Kaupang and Sigve Botnen also won Red Bull Ragnarok last year.

Information for media
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Media contacts

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Men Snowboard
1. Sigve Botnen, NOR
2. Marius Coucheron, NOR
3. Leoni Michelle, ITA

Men Ski
1. Bjørn Kaupang, NOR
2. Nils Arne Rø, NOR
3. Alexandr Palekhin, RUS

Kvinner Mixed
1. Malin Rapp, SWE
2. Andrea Gjørtz, NOR
3. Camilla Ringvold, NOR


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