Red Bull Upstream v Čunove Red Bull Photofiles

Austrian Dominik Hernler became the best upstream wakeboarder of Red Bull Upstream in Bratislava – Čunovo in Slovakia on the river Danube.

Wild water literally boiled, as 23 masters of wakeboard from seven countries showed off their best tricks in front of crowd of over 2000 people on one of the wildest wild water course in the world! Slider, rainbow rail, table and kicker in the finish line. Masters of water slipping slides performed only the best tricks and jumps on four obstacles. Flips, turns and double turnarounds around their verge, all that while balancing in waves of strong stream and whirl-pools. It is hard to synchronize everything together, even for the masters. In the competition of the best European sliders performed Dominik Hernler of Austria flawless race with clean jumps and so by right of merit got the highest amount of points from judges. “I’m so exhausted but I’m so happy... I didn’t even think about winning this race. All the guys here performed well and I expected tough fight,” said Dominik after the winning race. He has been separated from the second place, which has been in the end occupied by Fredy Von Osten, only by four points! Third, Dominik Gührs has also been close, as getting only 6 points less than the winner. ” Fortunately I was able to perform one of my best runs in the final... I have to say I really enjoyed the set up and the course, it was a big fun for everybody!” said Dominik Hernler.

Best wakeboarder from Slovakia, Richard Marcinčin, got injured just before the final race. “I was practicing before the final, as I wanted to show my best in front of the home crowd in full Wild Water Sports Center. I fell really badly during practice session and I cut open my elbow. I’m really sad that doctor did not let me to race,” commented disappointed Richard, while watching final races from the waterside.

Also a woman dared to race the white water. Sympathetic Kinga Horváth of Hungary gained appreciation and respect of her colleagues. “When you see the guys on course it seems it’s easy. But in fact it’s really tough competition,” confessed Hungarian Kinga Horváth. You need experience and power to run wild water on wakeboard. I have to say we all enjoyed it so much. Hopefully the Red Bull Upstream will continue and we’ll get back to beautiful Wild Water Sports Center in Čunovo in the near future.”

Results: 1. Dominik Hernler (Germany) 87 points, 2. Fredy Von Osten (Germany) 83 points, 3. Dominik Gührs (Austria) 81 points, 4. Balász Bakro (Hungary) 51 , 5. Bernhardt Hinterberger (Germany) 48 points, 6. Szebastian Szolath (Hungary) 34 points.

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